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Click to decide your intelligent cloud provider

Grazed from CCI. Author: Editorial Staff.

Managed hosting and colocation business, Pulsant, has launched a customised decision engine, created to help C-level executives and management to evaluate the cloud buying process and make more informed choices. The new interactive tool has been developed to assist buyers in wading through the myriad options of cloud services that are available.

The decision engine — ‘Cloud Intelligence’ — caters for technical and non-technical visitors, ensuring visitors are able to find the information that meets their needs. The configuration tools separates technical users familiar with the technology landscape from those less knowledgeable, like procurement personnel tasked with researching technical solutions...

Why UK CIOs are dissatisfied with their cloud providers

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Ryan Kroonenburg.

After speaking with hundreds of UK technology leaders about cloud adoption, it is clear that cloud technology is transforming business models and improving cost-efficiency in the enterprise. Despite the positive results, IT leaders have also shared serious concerns. They usually sound something like this:

“The cloud is great. The support is mediocre at best.”
“I am not sure my cloud provider understands my business.”
“I spend thousands of pounds a month for cloud support, but I do not know what they do.”...

SingleHop Adds Free Private Cloud Services to Portfolio

Grazed from ITBusinessEdge. Author: Mike Vizard.

For many IT organizations the distinction between cloud services and managed hosting services is already blurry. Both are making use of outsourced infrastructure that have different pricing models attached to them in terms of how they are invoked. This week, SingleHop, a provider of both cloud services and data center co-location facilities, blurred that line even further by announcing it will provide a limited amount of free, private cloud computing services via its public cloud to IT organizations that use its data center co-location services.

Jordan Jacobs, vice president of products for SingleHop, says the virtual private cloud services, dubbed ColoPlus, is intended to entice more of its customers to start using the company’s public cloud service. While not all workloads are suited for the public cloud, Jacobs says many organizations that are rely on data center co-location services today could make more economic use of disaster recovery services, for example, that run on a public cloud...

Logicalis US Ranked Among Top 100 Cloud Service Providers

Grazed from DataCenterJournal. Author: Editorial Staff.

Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (, is proud to announce it has been listed among the world’s Top 100 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), according to Penton’s fifth-annual Talkin’ Cloud 100 report. The Top 100 CSPs generated more than $30 billion in combined cloud services revenues in 2014, up nearly 29 percent over what they reported the previous year. The full report is available now by visiting

Logicalis assists clients in determining the right cloud solution for their specific business needs, offering options ranging from private and hybrid cloud to public cloud offerings. The solution provider also offers task-specific cloud services including disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), Cloud Storage for Backup, and backup as a service (BUaaS), as well as a Multi-Cloud Management Portal that allows IT pros to see, upload and control all of their cloud resources from a single point of view...

Migrating Cloud Hosting Providers

Grazed from Whir. Author: Bill Kleyman.

Whether you’re hosting a simple website or a complex application – you and your business are now directly tied to the cloud and its services. Cloud hosting now impacts all verticals and pretty much every business segment. Mid-market and SMBs are quickly realizing the benefits of cloud computing and use it to directly enable their business and their users.

Consider this, global spending on IaaS is expected to reach almost US$16.5 billion in 2015, an increase of 32.8 percent from 2014, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 to 2019 forecast at 29.1 percent, according to Gartner’s latest forecast. Furthermore, Gartner points out that in 2014 the absolute growth of public cloud IaaS workloads surpassed the growth of on-premises workloads (of any type) for the first time...

FAA moves away from owning data centers, to the Cloud

Grazed from IntelligentAerospace.  Author: Courtney Howard.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials, wanting to benefit from advanced computing solutions in the Cloud, awarded a $108 million, 10-year contract to CSC Government Solutions, which will lead an overall integration effort to include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other leading Cloud providers.

The contract enables the FAA to take advantage of Cloud technologies, such as Software As-A-Service, Platform As-A-Service, Infrastructure As-A-Service, and Colocation in a highly secure and resilient environment, officials say.  Being in the Cloud will give the FAA on-demand, pay-per-use computing and data storage over a secure FTI connection. The move away from FAA-owned data centers to outsourced locations will increase efficiencies and flexibility while saving time and money and simplify information-sharing...

Cloud Computing: Demystifying AWS Spot Instances through three use cases

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Sharon Wagner.

Around six years ago, Amazon introduced an EC2 usage option at very low costs: Spot Instances. With EC2 Spot Instances, you can save money, but there’s a catch - they won’t necessarily be available when you need or want to use them. Managing and strategising around such temperamental instances can be challenging, not to mention unsuitable for AWS customers who are looking to provide stable online end user experiences.

Amazon created this type of resource in order to optimise their data center utilisation by leveraging their data centre’s spare capacity. However, if a customer on a higher-priced on-demand, or reserved capacity plan requires an instance, Amazon will take it from the Spot Instance pool to provide it to the higher paying customer...

IBM unleashes NVIDIA GPU on SoftLayer cloud for faster processing power

Grazed from CloudTech.  Author: James Bourne.

While the rest of the tech media marvelled at the world’s first seven nanometre chips unveiled by IBM earlier this week, the Armonk giant has quietly pushed out a couple of impressive cloud announcements alongside it.  IBM – who, let us not forget, wants to be seen as a cloud-first organisation – has announced the availability of NVIDIA Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerators on bare metal cloud servers. In other words, it provides supercomputing powers to the SoftLayer cloud without the need for companies to expand their existing infrastructure.
GPU, in a cloud environment, works alongside a server’s CPU to accelerate application and processing performance. Combining the two instead of using a CPU alone, utilising thousands of small efficient cores, results in faster processing of information...

DigitalOcean Raises $83M to Help Move Cloud Provider Forward

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Sean Michael Kerner.

Cloud vendor DigitalOcean today announced that it has raised $83 million in a Series B round of funding led by Access Industries and with the participation of Andreessen Horowitz. The new funding, according to Ben Uretsky, co-founder and CEO of DigitalOcean, will help finance his company's growth, buying new servers and investing in the facilities and assets that are needed to move the company forward.

"We're trying to look two to three years ahead to understand what the capital needs of the business are," Uretsky told eWEEK. "When you go out to raise capital, what you're doing is balancing the valuation against the time horizon." To date, DigitalOcean has raised $123.4 million in venture capital, with a $3.2 million seed round of funding in July 2013 and a $37.2 million Series A round in March 2014...

How Cloud Service Providers Enhance Your Cloud Computing Experience

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The cloud has been around a long time, but recently there has been an increase in business’s urgency to move to the cloud and create a computing environment that is accessible from anywhere. Most businesses looking to create a cloud environment can greatly benefit from partnering with a cloud service provider – from choosing the best way to implement cloud services to establishing effective ongoing support. We’ve found the following provider services are essential to successfully utilizing the cloud...

1. Find the Best Approach

Many cloud conversations begin with misunderstood concepts about the cloud environment they require. For example, a common request from clients is to have their hardware moved off-site. This solution, typically referred to as co-location (or co-lo for short), will be perfect in some scenarios, but is not actually a cloud solution and likely does not address the technical or business case that is the true reason for migrating to the cloud...