SingleHop Introduces AI; New Saas Tool Provides Unprecedented Control and Management Over Hybrid Server and OS Environments

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SingleHop today announced AI, a first-of-its-kind, free, SaaS platform for remotely monitoring, managing, and patching servers and operating systems no matter where they are hosted - any cloud and any provider. Using advanced automation and predictive intelligence technologies, AI aggregates data from disparate server environments into one, simple-to-use, unified portal and suggests next steps, enabling IT staff to take immediate action across their entire server ecosystem. This dramatically reduces time spent on routine and repetitive tasks and speeds completion of critical actions. Account registration is now open at

With the execution of one line of code, SingleHop makes what is often a multi-month process of specifying and deploying expensive monitoring and management systems a less than 60-second process. The free solution is managing tens of thousands of servers at initial rollout and is designed to scale exponentially.

99 problems but the Cloud ain’t one: SaaS for ISVs

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Cloud computing has helped to re-shape the entire IT industry and has made technology services more available and affordable to businesses of all sizes. Over the years cloud has become the advent of computing; this, in turn, has positively impacted the cost of infrastructure meaning that service providers can offer more services for a lower cost.

Due to the flexibility of cloud there has been an emergence of pay-as-you-go models for applications which is often referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or software on-demand”. The SaaS model is redefining the business model by creating opportunities for both customers and independent software vendors (ISVs)...

When Is SaaS Right For Your Business?

Grazed from TechWeekEurope. Author: Duncan Macrae.

With the proliferation of cloud computing, SaaS could be a good option for your business, but it’s not for everyone. Ian Finlay, COO, Abiquo, discusses how to tell if it’s right for you. Although cloud computing is still in its first flush of youth, it’s continually evolving at a fast pace and has made a large impact on the modern business – as has its cousin, cloud-based software as a service (SaaS).

Many organisations are actively considering adopting the cloud, with Gartner predicting cloud computing as one of the ten strategic technology trends for 2015. Global cloud services spending reached $56.6bn last year and will grow to more than $127bn in 2018, according to recent data from International Data Corporation (IDC)...

CenturyLink Embraces Cloud Foundry for PaaS

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Moving to essentially provide a higher level of abstraction through which it can deliver cloud computing services, CenturyLink this week announced that the distribution of the Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service environment from Pivotal, a unit of EMC, is now available in the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace. That offering is the second PaaS environment that CenturyLink offers after acquiring AppFog, another provider of a PaaS based on Cloud Foundry, in 2013.

Dave Shacochis, vice president of cloud platform for CenturyLink, said the cloud service provider is embracing Pivotal CF as a mechanism for making its underlying infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform more accessible to the developer community. Rather than just presenting developers with an IaaS, Shacochis said Cloud Foundry PaaS environments provide developers with a framework to both build their applications and manage the underlying IaaS environment...

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Cloud users speak out about day-to-day SaaS frustrations

Grazed from ComputerWeekly. Author: Caroline Donnelly.

The day-to-day frustrations of cloud users have been laid bare in a new survey, which suggests high levels of discontent exist among adopters of off-premise tools and technologies. Cloud services firm StratoGen conducted a survey featuring responses from 1,000 UK senior business decision makers.

The survey found nearly three quarters of cloud adopters (73.84%) experienced frustrations on a day-to-day basis while using off-premise apps. The biggest frustration – cited by 21.41% of respondents – was the cost of hosting applications in the cloud, followed by availability issues, which was flagged by 16.95%.  Meanwhile, 16.45% flagged the lack of IT support as their biggest bugbear when using cloud...

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Lotus Innovations Sees Sustainable Profits in Cloud-Based Paradigm Shift for Smart SaaS Investors

Grazed from ITBusinessNet.  Author: PR Announcement., the fast-growing private equity investment firm focused on transforming Enterprise IT Services companies into SaaS-based companies, commented today on their recently completed multi-sourced analysis on why Cloud-based technologies are smarter solutions for Enterprise companies and savvy investments for the future. Based on Lotus Innovations' multi-sourced analysis, market projections demonstrate the strength of SaaS-based companies for faster growth multiples over traditional IT spending. The full report from Lotus Innovations will be made available to key investors and partners.

For forward-focused enterprise companies and investors, Cloud computing is the most important technology advancement since broadband capacity and data compression made the Internet an essential part of business operations, said Christian Mack, Managing Partner of Lotus Innovations, LLC. Our analysis shows that SaaS-based technologies allow enterprise companies to meet immediate implementation goals at lower out-of-pocket costs while Saas-based Solutions Providers benefit from longer-term annuity stream income...

Euro SaaS Startups Would Be Idiots Not To Know Notion Capital After $150M Fund Raise

Grazed from TechCrunch. Author: Mike Butcher.

The scale of the opportunity in Cloud computing and SaaS was underlined today with the news that Notion Capital has closed its third fund with a first round of $120m, with a final close of $150m expected. Funds under management will therefore be over $300m. Partners and brothers Ben and Jos White formed Notion in 2008 after selling MessageLabs to Symantec for $700m, one of Europe’s largest B2B SaaS exits. But what is key to note here is the scale of opportunity for European enterprise startups.

For starters, the news makes Notion the biggest dedicated B2B SaaS fund in Europe with 33 investments including Tradeshift, NewVoiceMedia, CurrencyCloud, DueDil, AdBrain and Trustev. It’s already had European exits such as Shutl, to Ebay and Star, to Claranet. Its portfolio also includes many of hottest SaaS companies in Europe right now, including Adbrain, Brightpearl, Currency Cloud, Duedil, IOCS and MOVE Guides...

Microsoft Partner Bolsters Cloud With Acquisition

Grazed from PYMNTS. Author: Editorial Staff.

Microsoft has been on a quest to bolster its enterprise solutions, with CEO Satya Nadella declaring the dawn of SaaS – a sign that Microsoft is now turning to the cloud to provide companies with the technology they need to better manage money and operations. The technology giant’s partners appear to be responding to Nadella’s declaration.

Reports published late last week said Microsoft cloud computing partner Champion Solutions, which works closely with Microsoft for small business cloud services, is looking to strengthen its SaaS offerings through a strategic acquisition. Reports said Champion Solutions will acquire cloud and mobile technology service provider allAware, a deal that will boost Champion Solutions’ existing Microsoft Business Unit, MessageOps...

Cloud Computing: Gartner Crowns Salesforce Top CRM Provider

Grazed from CIO-Today. Author: Jeff Cozza.

CRM Relevant Products/Services giant Salesforce was named the top CRM company in 2014 by total revenue, according to research and advisory company Gartner Relevant Products/Services Inc. Salesforce led the pack with more than $4.2 billion in sales last year, according to Gartner's report on worldwide CRM market share, titled “Market Share Analysis: Customer Relationship Management Software, Worldwide, 2014.”

In addition to taking the top spot in total revenues for the third year in a row, Gartner also named Salesforce number one in both revenue and market share growth. Salesforce also gained the most market share in the worldwide marketing software Relevant Products/Services category based on 2014 total software spend...

10 Cloud Apps, Storage Services to Help Enterprises Cut IT Overhead

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Don Reisinger.

Today, enterprises can offload a wide range of computing services and applications from internal servers and data centers to the cloud. In fact, it is entirely feasible and possibly even cost-effective for a large enterprise to run all of its computing resources in the cloud. So it is no surprise that companies are taking a close look at what internal computing services it can offload to a cloud platform.

These services range from Web storage to full business productivity suites that include email, word processing, presentations, online meetings and sales management applications. Companies can buy as much data processing capacity as they could possibly need, whether it is for a single big project that requires a lot of data processing muscle or to run all the applications for an entire enterprise...