Jelastic Unveils Industry's First Integrated Platform-as-Infrastructure Solution for Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds

Grazed from Jelastic. Author: PR Announcement.

Jelastic, Inc., the company that is re-defining the economics of cloud deployment and management, today announced the industry’s first integrated Platform-as-Infrastructure solution for private, public and hybrid clouds. As an industry-first, Jelastic has combined two of the cloud’s most transformative technologies – Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) – into a single platform that is uniquely optimized for enterprises, hosting service providers and OEMs.

Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure solutions integrate the conventional models of PaaS and IaaS, driving superior, new cost savings and increased efficiencies. Today’s implementations of IaaS provide a highly flexible and configurable method for building Infrastructure, but setup can be complicated and difficult to manage. While simple to manage and easy to deploy, many of today’s PaaS implementations are limited in their support of standard applications and lack the critical levels of configurability and flexibility enterprises demand. Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure solutions combine the best of both worlds, without any of the inherent limitations...

Cloud computing projects: How Boeing, Trimble got PaaS going with SOA

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Jan Stafford.

In the early days of cloud computing projects, platform as a service (PaaS) was perceived as a way for dedicated providers to offer functionality on demand. Now, major enterprises look at using PaaS concepts to expand their core competencies, improve engagement with existing customers and provide new revenue streams. At the recent WSO2 Developer's Conference in San Francisco, enterprise architects from the Boeing Co. and Trimble Navigation Ltd. elaborated on this vision. Boeing, for example, is using service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles behind a new PaaS platform. Called The Boeing Edge, the system promises to reshape the way Boeing connects with its customers in the airline business, said Jim Crabbe, senior product manager at Boeing.

PaaS enables a paradigm change, bringing continuous improvement in products and services that solve problems for its staff and customers, Crabbe said. "Just forklifting something into the cloud does not give you the most value. You need to architect your application for the cloud," he explained...

Cloud Computing: Salesforce Offers Private AppExchange Option to Business Customers

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: CJ Arlotta. (CRM) is taking its Salesforce AppExchange to another level by offering a private version to businesses looking to customize their own app store for employees. Salesforce Private AppExchange, generally available on Friday, will enable businesses to build a private, customized app store that lets them manage and distribute custom, mobile, Internet and desktop apps, Salesforce said.

AppExchange Director of Marketing Sara Varni spoke with Talkin' Cloud on the enterprise issues that her company's Private AppExchange is designed to fix. "There was no one central place you could go to find all the apps being used in your company," she said, "and the process was painful," pointing out that employees would have to log a ticket and wait for IT to respond...

AuraPortal Creates AuraPortal Cloud to Provide IaaS and SaaS Services to Any Organization

Grazed from NewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

AURA a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software, has announced the creation and launch of its sound Cloud Computing structure. This will enable any type of organization, public or private, to undertake BPM implementation projects through the AuraPortal suite without the usual structure and investment concerns inherent in such projects, and with the software licenses included in the service. The idea of the Cloud is simple: It consists of adopting for the computing services the same model used in utilities services.

In the same way that an electricity user simply plugs in a cable to obtain power supply without bothering whatsoever about the cost and knowledge required to build and manage power plants and distribution grids, a company will be able to manage its processes with the AuraPortal BPM suite by simply connecting to Internet from any browser; and what is more, this allows complete mobility as AuraPortal can be accessed from any tablet or smartphone, without having to think about hardware or software requirements...

Azure's Success Shows Microsoft Gaining Ground in Cloud Computing

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Eric Lundquist.

Microsoft gets a lot of justified blame for faltering in smartphones and tablets. However, while the company has a long way to go to catch up in mobile, it is playing a very strong catch-up game in cloud computing. Last week the company touted its cloud success in its quarterly analyst call, published a memo outlining a raft of new features and made an acquisition that didn’t get a whole lot of media play, but will buttress the company’s plan to be an easy on-ramp to the cloud and to deliver applications developed by tying together API-based services.

The company’s Azure cloud service has been enjoying triple digit growth, and the cloud computing unit (which also includes the Microsoft Office 365 line) grew at 103 percent in the past quarter, company officials said during its analyst call last week. Both Azure and Office 365 posted triple-digit increases. Last spring the company said Azure and related cloud software account for $1 billion in yearly revenue...

PaaS and DevOps: A Marriage of Seamless Collaboration

Grazed from OpenShift. Author: Krishnan Subramanian.

PaaS and DevOps are much discussed topics these days in meetups and conferences around the world. The ambiguity around the very definition of DevOps is pushing people to wonder if there is any connection between DevOps and PaaS. I want to briefly touch on this topic in the hopes of generating a conversation on the role of DevOps and PaaS.

Putting the discussion in context
From my vantage point (as someone who was an analyst up until four months ago, viewing the industry from 30,000 feet), I see two schools of thought inside the DevOps movement:

  • Hosted "NoOps" PaaS - This school insists that operations ceases to exist on the side of enterprise IT and defines DevOps narrowly as developers using code to manipulate the underlying infrastructure. For example, analyzing application performance and performing on-the-fly optomizations to underlying components for delivering a more seamless end user experience. From this perspective of DevOps, operations in enterprise IT is unnecessary...

OpenStack threatens PaaS providers with new project

Grazed from ITWorld. Author: Nancy Gohring.

It’s been a week of controversy surrounding OpenStack and the platform as a service market and it just got more interesting. OpenStack yesterday announced a new project called Solum, backed by eBay, RedHat, Ubuntu/Canonical, dotCloud/Docker, Cloudsoft, Rackspace and Cumulogic. The blog post about it is very light on details. It says the project aims to ease the pain associated with:

  • Application development and deployment
  • Application lifecycle management across dev, test and production environments
  • Portability between public and private clouds...

Cloud migration strategies: Choosing the right time for PaaS adoption

Grazed from TheServerSide. Author: Jason Tee.

If your enterprise got picked for a makeover on a reality TV show, one of the first things the judges would probably do is ask why you haven't moved to the cloud. Streamlining your ALM, ditching unnecessary infrastructure, and reducing maintenance costs can be so slimming. But the fact is that not every single app in your wardrobe is going to be a good fit for a SaaS or PaaS based solution. Let's take a some cloud adoption strategies, while focussing on a few scenarios where keeping an app out of the cloud might be the wiser choice.

Migration versus total transformation

Before we dive in, we should probably point out that industry experts at Forrester say you shouldn't move your existing apps to the cloud at all. Apparently, re-architecting isn't enough to solve the problem. "If your traditional applications are an architectural mismatch with cloud platforms, it's an expensive and costly route to try and rearchitect them for the cloud." Instead, "Cloud applications should be built from the ground up for cloud."...

OutSystems Launches Public Cloud PaaS Offering

Grazed from OutSystems. Author: PR Announcement.

OutSystems today announced general availability of its cloud application platform as a service (PaaS). The OutSystems Platform is the only PaaS available as a cloud, on-premises or hybrid solution that generates standard Java and .NET applications with fully automated DevOps support. By extending its popular on-premises platform to the cloud, OutSystems is raising the bar for the PaaS market, making it exceedingly easy for IT organizations to build, deploy and manage enterprise-class web and mobile applications in any environment.

“We have delivered highly complex and scalable enterprise web and mobile applications faster than we ever thought possible,” said Rogério Campos Henriques, CIO of Fidelidade, the largest insurance operator in Portugal. “The OutSystems Platform as a PaaS offering will be an amazingly powerful solution for companies that need to deploy and maintain enterprise-class applications more effectively. And the ability to bring the platform back on-premises or deploy a hybrid approach avoids the cloud lock-in.”...

Corent, Dell Partner on Cloud App Migration Services

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Chris Talbot.

PaaS provider Corent Technologies is working with Dell Services to enable independent software vendors (ISVs) to migrate their existing on-premises applications to SaaS offerings. The two companies are aiming to provide ISVs and enterprises with a complete suite of cloud application migration services based around Corent's SurPaaS platform.

Corent and Dell are offering the migration services to joint customers to provide scalability, speed to market and cost savings through the conversion of apps from single to multi-tenant to be hosted on private clouds. This includes to Dell Cloud Dedicated Service, but also the public clouds being offered by Dell Cloud Partner Program members. It's not limited to partner-owned public clouds, though...