Knetik Unveils the Beta Launch of Knetik Cloud at the Game Developer Conference

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Knetik Unveils the Beta Launch of Knetik Cloud at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, CA. Based on the Knetik Platform as a Solution, the Knetik Cloud service allows game developers to leverage the Back Office and Platform Services to accelerate game development, expand user personalization and engagement, and reduce cost of operations. Providing an auto-scalable system prepared to deliver for any scale, Game Developers also gain access to a robust infrastructure environment backed by Amazon's Web Services.

"We have had outstanding success in the past few years with our enterprise clients, including two fortune 50 using our platform. To be able to open the door in an extremely affordable way to smaller developers, is very exciting and works towards the vision of why we were acquired by Cima Group last year," said Shane Robinett, founder of Knetik and Chief Architect Digital Transformation for Cima Group.

Microsoft Says Xbox One Cloud Tech Available to Any Game, Including PS4 Exclusives

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Microsoft will not keep outside developers from using its Azure cloud-based technology, not even developers of exclusive games for other platforms, Xbox gaming boss Phil Spencer says.  Writing on Twitter (via DualShockers), a fan asked Spencer about Titanfall 2 and how they would "hate to see the franchise lose out on Azure Cloud computing and servers."
Spencer replied: "Azure services are available to any game, even other platform's exclusives. We wouldn't keep someone from using."  But Spencer didn't divulge any further details about what arrangement might be in place for Titanfall 2 as it relates to its use of Azure. "I know people want me to comment on specific 3rd party games, I just can't. Sorry," he explained...

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Games developers look to the cloud

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While many businesses are still weighing up the benefits and risks of cloud computing, the cloud saved the skin of Australian games developer Halfbrick when dealing with the explosive popularity of its Fruit Ninja games.

Halfbrick's executive producer Dale Freya said the launch of Fruit Ninja Frenzy on Facebook resulted in user numbers rocketing from hundreds of thousands to millions.
“At one point Facebook did a promotion on the game, and we weren't even aware of it,” Freya said. “The game went from one million active monthly users to about 9 million in the course of a couple of months.”...

Zynga readies 'private cloud' to run partners' games

Grazed from CNet.  Author: Ralph Needleman.

Zynga was once a big buyer of cloud computing services. Today, it's becoming a seller.

In 2009, when FarmVille started taking off--it grew to 10 million daily active users in six weeks, 25 million in five months--the company began to lean heavily on rented resources to handle the load. Zynga used Amazon Web Services, and over time, shunted more and more of the day-to-day load of running its games to AWS. By January 2011, AWS was handling 80 percent of Zynga's load. Only 20 percent was on servers that Zynga owned.

But at Zynga scale, using that infrastructure became inefficient, according to Zynga's CTO of infrastructure, Allan Leinwand, who I spoke with earlier in February. And by inefficient, he means expensive..

Zynga Trades Amazon Cloud For In-House Servers

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Zynga, the maker of popular social games including Farmville, CityVille, and Mafia Wars, has made a major shift in where it gets the computing horsepower for its more than 227 million monthly active users, in effect, upending its dependence on Amazon Web Services' infrastructure.

"Nearly 80% of our daily active users were hosted in the (Zynga) zCloud at the end of the year, compared to just 20% at the beginning of the year," said John Schappert, Chief Operating Officer, during the earnings call Tuesday.

That would still make Zynga one of the largest implementers of hybrid cloud computing, building regular use of the public cloud into its IT staff's planning for how it will add to and use its own data centers. But it also represents how quickly the supplier of social networking games is revising its approach...

World's largest hybrid cloud powers popular games

Grazed from IT Wire.  Author: Stephen Withers.

Game provider Zynga has more than 250 million users, and signs up five new players every second. Company officials claim 10% of the world's Internet population plays a Zynga game once a month.

With six of the top 10 Facebook games, Zynga has a serious business. But have you ever wondered where the games actually run?

How Cloud Computing Is Changing the Video Game Industry

Grazed from ReadWriteWeb.  Author:  Audrey Watters.

According to the PC Games Digital Downloads Analyst Report, during the first six months of 2010, more video games were purchased online and downloaded digitally than were bought at retail stores.

This marks the first time that digital downloads comprised the majority of total PC game sales. And although retails sales still make up a greater share of dollar revenue, it was simply because games that come with a CD or DVD in a box sell for a higher price...