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Cloud Adoption Gets Harder at Each Stage

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The mix of technology in the enterprise today varies, but more than 90% of companies are using some form of cloud computing, according to new research from IT industry association CompTIA. Still, as users move beyond experiments and trials into more advanced applications, they're also facing more challenges, according the Fifth Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study. "This may come as a surprise to some firms, as they may hold an expectation that the initial migration and integration posed the largest obstacles to smooth cloud operations," said Seth Robinson, senior director, technology analysis.

Transition Challenges

In fact, companies that have progressed through several of the adoption stages as defined by CompTIA find that the transitions become more difficult as they move forward. Among companies that have progressed from the first experimental stage to a non-critical use stage, 28% rated the transition as requiring significant effort...

Amazon Web Services can't match our global data centre footprint, says OpenStack COO

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OpenStack chief operating officer Mark Collier has taken aim at ‘monolithic’ public cloud provider Amazon Web Services, claiming it is unable to meet enterprise customer demand for localised data centre capacity. Addressing delegates at OpenStack Summit in Paris, Collier said that the network of operators running its open source cloud management software was more comprehensive than that of its rival.

This is despite AWS' announcement of a second European data centre in Germany last month in order to address data sovereignty demands, expanding on its Irish facility. “You might say they have a lot of capacity, that they are in every region of the world. But if that capacity is not in the country that you need, then it is not really capacity,” he said...

F5 Launches Silverline Hybrid Cloud Service Portfolio

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F5 Networks (FFIV) is broadening the reach of its services fabric with the launch of Silverline, a hybrid services delivery platform designed to enable organizations to scale IT resources across dynamic cloud and data center deployments. With Silverline, F5 is providing customers with a services delivery platform that expands its F5 Synthesis architecture to enable application services within customers’ deployment model of choice—from on-premise to as-a-service deployments.

The new banner will include security, optimization and availability services from hosted and managed infrastructure. According to Manny Rivelo, executive vice president of Strategic Solutions at F5 Networks, organizations are looking for ways to cost-effectively deliver applications without constraints...

Hitachi Data Systems Launches Cloud Service Provider Program

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Hitachi Data Systems(HDS) is looking to build out its network of cloud services provider partners that offer cloud servicesthat carry the "Powered by Hitachi Data Systems" mark. To do so, the company has launched the Hitachi Cloud Service Provider Program.

According to HDS, the new partner program is intended to deliver enterprise-grade cloud technology to partners in addition to joint business planning, cloud service design and a go-to-market approach that helps partners deliver high-quality services to their customers...

IBM chief discusses Watson, cloud services

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Watson, the superintelligent computer built by International Business Machines Corp., is perhaps best known for its tour-de-force performance on “Jeopardy!” in 2011, with swift responses such as “Who is Eleanor Rigby?,” to a clue about the subject of a Beatles song who “died in the church and was buried along with her name.”

But IBM chief executive Virginia Rometty argues Watson’s genius is best used to come up with answers to much more serious, real world challenges — treating cancer, for example. The computer, which can understand questions posed in natural language, was a main feature of Rometty’s address in downtown Boston Wednesday about business uses of Big Data, cloud computing and cybersecurity measures...

AWS is top enterprise cloud service - but beware the consumer threat

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular enterprise cloud service according to a report released today from Skyhigh Networks – but the research also fired a broadside at how companies are struggling to block consumer products. The reports, which are quarterly and based on data from more than 1.6 million users, noted a huge disparity in companies saying they block certain services and the amount of employees actually blocked.

Take file sharing provider Dropbox. It’s a very popular service to block, with 80% of firms surveyed saying they nix it. Yet only 21% of users are blocked. It gets worse the further you look. Half of companies claim to block iCloud, yet the actual block rate is only 9%. For Netflix (40% and 4%) and Instagram (48% and 4%), it’s a similar story. Only Facebook has a good hit rate – 50% of companies say they block it, and 31% of users are actually blocked...

Tech Data Introduces New Cloud-Focused Enablement Program for Solution Providers Through TDCloud Academy

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Tech Data Corporation (Nasdaq:TECD) today announced the introduction of a new cloud-focused education and enablement program through Tech Data's TDCloud business unit. Offered as part of TDCloud Academy, the program offers customized education tracks for solution providers focused on launching, expanding, and maximizing cloud businesses.

TDCloud Academy is Tech Data's tiered cloud education program for solution providers, designed to accelerate adoption of cloud solutions and identify new cloud opportunities. The announcement was made in conjunction with Tech Data's TDCloud Partner Summit, taking place this week in Miami, Florida...

Spectra Precision Launches Central Cloud Service, New Software Versions

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Spectra Precision introduced a new cloud computing service for Spectra Precsion applications. The company also announced new road modules for version 5.5 of its Survey Pro software and for Spectra Precision Survey Office. The announcements were made at InterGeo 2014, being held this week in Berlin.

Spectra Precision Central. A dedicated cloud computing service for Spectra Precision survey applications, Spectra Precision Central offers survey teams in the field and office the ability to rapidly exchange survey and project data with team members when and where it is needed...

Cloud Computing: Q&A - Meet Microsoft's new Azure CTO, Mark Russinovich

Grazed from PCWorld.  Author: Joab Jackson.

Earlier this month, Microsoft quietly appointed software architect Mark Russinovich as chief technology officer for its Azure cloud computing platform, formalizing a role he’s been executing for the past several years.  It was a smart appointment not the least because it may help ease any remaining concerns of system administrators reluctant to take on Microsoft’s cloud platform as part of their job duties. Among the Microsoft faithful, Russinovich has serious geek credibility. If Russinovich is behind the gears at Azure, it must be O.K.

Russinovich has long been one of the most popular speakers at Microsoft’s Build and TechEd technical conferences, thanks to his clear, cogent explanations of the company’s technologies. Russinovich joined the company in 2006, after Microsoft purchased his enterprise software company, Winternals Software, which offered a line of Windows repair tools that many found superior to Microsoft’s own...

Swagger 2.0 Connects APIs and Cloud Services

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Reverb Technologies has announced its Swagger 2.0 API interface and coordinated one of the "largest ever" open standards workgroups in the API space, combining contributions from nearly 500 companies. "Swagger effectively solves the age-old challenge of machine-to-machine communication, which has become increasingly complicated with cloud computing," claims the company.

With Swagger, developers can connect mobile devices to literally thousands of Swagger-enabled web services. The Swagger specification, first released in late 2010 by Wordnik (a property of Reverb) has been the most successful API interface effort to date. Historically, WSDL, WADL, and WADL 2.0 aimed to perform similar tasks but (says Reverb) were "plagued with complexity" — and had limited adoption across different programming languages and frameworks...