Cloud Computing: Pure Storage scoops up $40M in validation of all-flash push

Grazed from GigaOM. Author: Barb Darrow.

Pure Storage netted $40 million in Series D funding and will use it to build out European operations and staff up its sales, marketing and engineering teams. The new round, led by Index Ventures with contributions from current backers Greylock Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Sutter Hill Ventures, brings total capital raised to a healthy $95 million.

Mountain View, CA.-based Pure Storage is one of a handful of companies evangelizing use of solid state storage — which is faster but more expensive than disk storage — nearly everywhere. Many companies, including storage leader EMC, preach a tiered approach, using flash where it makes sense but disks and even tape where that is the more appropriate and cost-effective choice. (EMC itself may be wobbling on this stance, given that it spent a reported $400 million on Israeli flash storage player EXtremeIO.)...

HP upgrades, rebrands old Lefthand Virtual SAN Appliance in cloud computing initiative

Grazed from eChannelLine. Author: Mark Cox.

HP has announced virtualization solutions aimed at enhancing the movement of virtual machines (VMs) and data in cloud environments. One of them, the HP StoreVirtual virtual storage appliance (VSA) is an enhanced and rebranded version of an old LeftHand product. The others -- HP Ethernet Virtual Interconnect and HP Multitenant Device Context, are important firmware upgrades to HP's FlexFabric core 12500 data center switch.

"This is a significant announcement reflecting our evolution of our converged infrastructure," said Kate Davis, product marketing manager, HP storage. The HP StoreVirtual virtual storage appliance is an upgrade of the old LeftHand Virtual SAN appliance, which has been on the market since 2007...

Details on the Dell Wyse D class cloud client family

Grazed from Equities.com. Author: Editorial Staff.

The new Dell Wyse D Class Cloud Client Family empowers customers with enhanced enterprise grade features, and packs a punch with improved computing performance.

- New dual core mid-range cloud client family delivers an exceptional user experience including high definition multimedia, voice and video functionalities and essential I/O support for virtualized desktop environments

- Includes flexible networking and storage options and easy "hands off" management

- Extremely energy-efficient, using only 9.2 watts of electricity in operation...

HP Delivers Innovations to Power Cloud Computing

Grazed from MarketWire. Author: PR Announcement.

HP today announced new virtualization software solutions that simplify, automate and secure the movement of virtual machines (VMs) and data in cloud environments, providing clients with increased agility for addressing dynamic market opportunities.

In legacy infrastructures, moving a VM workload such as a Microsoft® Exchange application between data centers requires hundreds of complex, manual device-level configuration steps. Data mobility is similarly challenging because storage requires a physical deployment that consumes floor space, power, cooling and infrastructure investment, which locks clients into a proprietary environment...

Large Enterprise Dilemma: Reconciling the Mainframe and the Cloud

Grazed from IT Business Edge. Author: Arthor Cole.

Two salient facts are emerging about enterprise infrastructure as the second decade of the 21st Century unfolds. One is that cloud computing will usher in new levels of dynamism and flexibility that will both drive performance and lower costs. The other is that mainframes will continue to support significant portions of the data environment at most large organizations.

While these two architectures are not mutually exclusive, it does pose a conundrum of sorts: How will mainframe users resolve the differences between aging big iron platforms and the fast-paced culture of the cloud?

Although predictions of the mainframe's imminent demise are as old as, well, the rack-based server, it is clear now that top-tier organizations' commitment to the technology is solid. BMC Software recently issued a survey indicating that 93 percent of current users expect mainframe capacity to hold steady or even grow over the next few years. The plan, at least, is to continually tweak their current mainframe platforms to accommodate both the cloud and mobile computing as these two technologies continue to reshape the overall enterprise landscape...

Cloud Computing: EMC and Lenovo deal won't impact Cisco relationship. Really.

Grazed from GigaOM. Author: Barb Darrow.

EMC’s newly minted deal to work with Lenovo on X86 servers reverberated throughout the hardware sector after it was announced Wednesday morning. Under a key part of this three-pronged arrangement, Lenovo and will make and sell servers that will be “embedded into selected EMC storage systems over time.”

That could have big impact on non-aligned hardware players. BusinessWeek looked at the deal through the Dell lens — EMC and Dell had a long-time if uneasy partnership that started to unravel with Dell’s acquisition of storage player Equallogic 5 years ago. Per EMC’s positioning, the Lenovo-EMC servers will compete most directly with Dell at the low end but HP stock also took a hit after the news...

Cloud Computing: Oracle Loses HP Itanium Court Battle

Grazed from InformationWeek. Author: Art Wittman.

For the last six weeks, Oracle and HP have been publically airing their dirty laundry in a court case that resulted from Oracle's 2011 unilateral decision to drop support for HP's Itanium-based servers. On August 1, Judge James Kleinberg issued his decision and order in the case, which amounted to yet another in a string of losses in court for Oracle.

In his decision, the judge strongly backed HP's claims that its September 20, 2010, contract with Oracle explicitly said that mutual product support must continue as it had in the past.

In deciding a remedy, the judge had two options. The first was to award HP a cash settlement with no requirement that Oracle support HP's Itanium servers. The second option--the one that Judge Kleinberg chose--was to require Oracle to continue support, and for Oracle to pay for damages HP has already incurred...

Cloud Computing: Google Postpones Indefinitely Shipments of Nexus Q Home Media Streamer

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Chris Preimesberger.

Google's Nexus Q, the futuristic-looking, globe-shaped media streaming device that the company introduced June 27 along with the Nexus 7 tablet, is not shipping on the schedule the company originally planned.

In fact, the ship schedule has been postponed indefinitely. Nexus Q units were supposed to start moving to customers two weeks ago.

The giant search, Web services and media device provider alerted via email customers who had pre-ordered the $299 device that it is holding off shipments "while we work on making it even better.”...

Oracle set to hype advances in Exalogic 'cloud in a box'

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author: Chris Kanaracus.

Oracle is planning to discuss how its Exalogic application server machine is "the logical choice" for running applications, during a special webcast event on Wednesday.

Exalogic was introduced by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison as "one big, honkin' cloud" during 2010's OpenWorld conference. It's also been referred to as a "cloud in a box."

The system combines Oracle's Sun servers with networking equipment and storage along with a stack of software, including WebLogic Server and Elastic Cloud Software 2.0, a recently released update...

Cloud Computing: Coraid Unveils ZX-Series NAS

Grazed from Sys Con Media. Author: Elizabeth White.

Coraid on Tuesday unveiled the new Coraid ZX-Series family of NAS servers. Designed for cloud, video and Big Data customers, this high-performance unified storage solution is powered by the Oracle Solaris ZFS file system combined with Coraid's EtherDrive technology to enable unmatched scalability, performance and operational simplicity.

Carl Wright, executive vice president at Coraid noted that "organizations are increasingly challenged to provide predictable, cost-effective file performance in the face of uncontrolled data growth. By extending our product family to include a best-in-class NAS offering, Coraid can meet that challenge with a unified storage solution that takes full advantage of the scalability and performance of Ethernet SAN."...