HP’s Whitman Said Planning Cloud-to-Tablet Push to Revive Growth

Grazed from Bloomberg. Author: Aaron Ricadela.

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman is betting that refining the company’s existing strategy, rather than making radical shifts, will help reverse the fortunes of the struggling computer maker.

Whitman, a year into the CEO job, plans to sharpen the company’s focus on corporate clients with a new product lineup that includes software and tablets for businesses and a machine that combines storage, computing and networking, according to people familiar with the matter. She’ll explain her approach to analysts Oct. 3 in San Francisco, said the people, who requested anonymity because the plans are private...

Samsung Unveils Next-Generation Cloud Computing Solutions

Grazed from Samsung. Author: PR Announcement.

Samsung Electronics introduced its next-generation cloud computing solution products, highlighted by the B Series Cloud Base Station, the C Series Cloud Monitor, and the new X Series Cloud Box. Created in response to increasing customer demand, the new cloud computing solutions aim to further expand the company’s lineup of virtual desktop solutions.

The latest cloud computing devices from Samsung allow users to securely store and access data on one centralized server or network, thereby consolidating servers and eliminating the fear of stolen or misplaced data. By simplifying system management and improving productivity, Samsung’s new cloud solutions can connect to a user’s central server, thereby providing users direct access to the operating system (OS) and the applications they need. Such capabilities are accompanied by unparalleled performance whose versatility can accommodate a wide spectrum of customer needs...

Huawei helps enable cloud computing

Grazed from ITP.net. Author: Editorial Staff.

Huawei will showcase its comprehensive portfolio of ICT solutions at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK, including solutions for data centres, cloud computing, enterprise networking, unified communication & collaboration (UC&C), video conferencing and telepresence. According to a statement, the company places a particular focus on desktop cloud applications and the different application of cloud computing in different industry scenarios.

"This includes some of our latest solutions developed to provide enterprises with components of a data centre that are able to run and process at a reduced cost, saving on both CAPEX and OPEX in the long term," says Dong Wu, VP, Huawei Enterprise, Middle East...

Motorola intros Android-based cloud desktop

Grazed from CIOL.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Motorola Mobility and Wasu Digital Group, a cable and telecommunications service providers, launch HMC3260, an Android-powered cloud computing device.

Motorola HMC3260 is a desktop with 18.5-inch LED touchscreen display. It is Motorola Mobility’s first Android-powered home broadband device, and is dubbed as Cloud Broadband by Wasu.

“The Motorola HMC3260 not only provides subscribers with a fast broadband connection, it also enables them to enjoy a range of cloud-based services provided by Wasu, including games, high-definition television and movies, web browsing and more,” said Kevin Keefe, vice president & regional general manager, Motorola‘s Home Division, Asia. “The powerful touchscreen interface capitalizes on the power and flexibility of Android to enable Wasu to differentiate itself from operators who only offer a pipeline for data. It is an important step toward our vision of a smart, simple, connected home.”...

Cloud Computing: Acer Nukes Smartphone Launch Due to Google Threat

Grazed from Reuters. Author: Kevin Parrish.

Google supposedly threatened to cut off Android support to Acer if the handset maker launches a phone with a rival mobile OS. Taiwan-based Acer was reportedly forced to cancel (or postpone) the launch of its new CloudMobile A800 smartphone on Thursday due to intense pressure from Google Inc.

According to Reuters, the phone was a joint venture between Acer and Alibaba Cloud Computing, deemed as the first to use the latter company's new mobile operating system, Aliyun. Acer and Alibaba originally planned to launch the device in Shanghai on Thursday afternoon, and then go into full retail mode on Friday...

ARM: The nature of servers has changed in the cloud

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Jack Clark.

Changes brought about by the rise in cloud computing have had a huge impact on servers and server design, and could be the key factor in bringing ARM's low-power RISC chips into the datacentre. ARM believes that the rise of cloud companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon is bringing about a change in attitudes to processors that could make its chips relevant for these companies, posing a potential threat to Intel and AMD's server businesses.

Over the past few years, "the nature of servers has changed," ARM's general manager of its processor and physical IP divisions, Simon Segars told ZDNet this week. "It's really the growth in cloud [and] growth in companies doing web hosting [and] social sites. As that has grown the nature of servers has changed."...

Riverbed Introduces Whitewater Cloud Storage Gateway Appliance

Grazed from BizTech2. Author: Editorial Staff.

Riverbed Technology, the performance company, has introduced a new Whitewater cloud storage gateway model appliance to handle larger backup data workloads and an operating system for all Whitewater appliance models. The new Whitewater model 3010 appliance offers four times the local storage capacity of previous models to address larger scale enterprise requirements. Additionally, Riverbed is introducing Whitewater Operating System (WWOS) version 2.0, which was built for enterprise-grade performance, high scalability and simplified administration. Whitewater appliances running WWOS 2.0 will enable enterprises to better leverage cloud storage to meet their critical backup requirements, modernise their data management strategies and overcome the challenges created by the staggering pace of data growth.

While companies have relied on tape-based backups for decades, the growth of data is putting enterprises at risk because the process of recovering data from tapes often exceeds service level agreements (SLAs) demanded by the business. Some enterprises have responded by moving to replicated disk-based backup strategies, but relentless data growth has made these configurations cost-prohibitive for many IT departments...

Cloud Computing: Intel Updates Data Center Strategy As More Devices Forces More Innovation

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Chris Preimesberger.

Intel, whose processors are firing away in 95 percent of all data centers, literally has been at the center of the data center world for generations. However, with all that power and influence in the silicon hardware sector, it has never been recognized by the general public -- and Wall Street, for that matter -- as the major player in the software world it is.

That non-awareness is changing. Intel, with 12,000 of its 100,100 full-time people employed in its software development and testing division, now describes itself as the fifth-largest software producer in the world. And this isn't just about firmware; we're talking about software applications in all forms...

Cloud Computing: Super Micro Shows Latest FatTwin Servers at IDF

Grazed from HPCWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Super Micro Computer, Inc., a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and green computing, will showcase its latest Earth friendly FatTwin server platforms developed by its strong USA design team at IDF 2012 in San Francisco, CA, September 11-13. The FatTwin is an evolutionary Twin architecture optimized for Data Center, Cloud Computing and Enterprise IT offering the industry's best capacity and efficiency with 8/4 hot-plug node configurations in an industry standard 4U rack mount chassis (29.5" depth).

These systems feature high-density computing power with support for dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors (up to 135W) and up to 512GB of memory per node with greater storage capacity up to 8x 3.5" hot-swap HDDs in 1U or 6x 2.5" hot-swap HDDs per 0.5U and are powered by redundant Platinum-level, high-efficiency (95%) digital switching power supplies. Also remarkable is the simplicity of its efficient design, featuring free-air cooling and the most effective use of shared, hot-swap resources to dramatically reduce TCO across infrastructure from space requirements to cooling costs and ease of maintenance...

Cloud Computing: AMD introduces its new SeaMicro server for a big data world

Grazed from GigaOM. Author: Katie Fehrenbacher.

In the first announcement since SeaMicro was acquired by AMD, AMD has detailed its new server tech, which is optimized for big data and cloud computing. The new platform improves performance by moving storage closer to the computing center.

In the first announcement following AMD’s acquisition of low power server startup SeaMicro earlier this year, AMD on Monday announced a new server platform based on the SeaMicro tech that’s optimized for big data and cloud computing. The newly-announced “SM15000? server tech supports 5 petabytes of storage and brings storage closer to compute, making the system faster and more resilient...