The Future of Cloud Computing Security

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Emma Johnson.

The recent years where computers were on hype made way for faster and more productive operations; further when they became a household and a business necessity. They were a different kind of a giant leap for mankind indeed. Daily activities such as checking on your children to reviewing your business’ monthly sales were made convenient with the onset of software that are centralized on easing our most demanding tasks.

However, before you can marvel at their convenience, you first have to accomplish the overwhelming mission of handling the technical aspects of these devices that only experts can really manage. Realizing this hardship that users experience, innovations were pushed through, and the fruit was a breakthrough called Cloud computing...

How Cloud Computing is Changing the IT Industry

Grazed from Seattle Post.  Author: Editorial Staff.

When we think of the cloud's impact on the corporate world, it is easy to get caught up in how it has changed the way we do business on a global level, how we can connect using a multitude of devices, or even how it has given small businesses access to better technology.  What sometimes gets lost is how the cloud has changed the IT industry as a whole.

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the IT industry, not only because it provides robust technology solutions at a variety of price points, but because it facilitates a change in the role of the IT organization itself.   "Cloud computing has the ability to transform an IT's focus from performing business as usual activities (keeping the organization running) to driving IT innovation," explained Shally Stanley, managing director, Global Services...

Cloud computing 2.0: Where next for business?

Grazed from ITPro.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Cloud computing has come a long way in the past 12 months. Everywhere we look, the cloud seems to be there - it’s like the industry is a film with the cloud on an overt product placement mission.  At the same time, however, for many, it perhaps feels like cloud hasn’t come far enough - once users get an appetite for technology they want the IT version of the moon on a stick. And, inevitably, they want it yesterday.  Download the latest IT Pro report here

This is putting increased pressure on already pressurised IT departments and means business and tech decision makers have to provide even more leadership and guidance then ever before.  In our first IT Pro report entitled Cloud Computing in 2012, we looked at what cloud is and pondered its potential for business transformation...

Roundup of Cloud Computing & Enterprise Software Market Estimates and Forecasts, 2013

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Louis Columbus.

When the CEO of a rust-belt manufacturer speaks of cloud computing as critical to his company’s business strategies for competing globally, it’s clear a fundamental shift is underway. Nearly every manufacturing company I’ve spoken with in the last ninety days has a mobility roadmap and is also challenged to integrate existing ERP, pricing and fulfillment systems into next-generation selling platforms.

One of the most driven CEOs I’ve met in manufacturing implemented a cloud-based channel management, pricing, quoting and CRM system to manage direct sales and a large distributor network across several countries. Manufacturers are bringing an entirely new level of pragmatism to cloud computing, quickly deflating its hype by pushing for results on the shop floor...

The next revolution in cloud computing

Grazed from CNN Fortune. Author: Shelley DuBois.

Remember the Titan? No, not the comeback football team. The supercomputer that generated headlines last November for ranking as the world's fastest. Titan can crunch so many calculations, it has the equivalent processing power of 500,000 laptops.

All that computing might is for naught without software capable of managing it. Software is a major—if often unsung—factor in the future of high-power computing. It will matter increasingly to businesses of all kinds as more and more products and services move into the cloud. "The line between high performance computing and cloud is blurring," says Rob Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing, a company that builds software to increase efficiency in supercomputers and cloud-based servers. Today, Adaptive revealed it developed the software that boosted Titan's efficiency from 70% to about 95%. The software used to make Titan tick is similar, Clyde says, to software that optimizes the cloud...

Cloud and business technology trends to watch in 2013

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

In 2013, IT buyers will be looking for increased stability and better ways to prepare for the next five years in their business cycle, according the the latest market study by Ovum. "The fact that we live in very uncertain times makes investment decision-making even more difficult. With continuing instability across the global markets and even in locations with historically robust growth - such as China and India - the outlook for IT services in 2013 is unpredictable," said Jens Butler, principal analyst, IT Services at Ovum.

Ovum believes that business leaders will be looking for greater reliability in their IT usage and - as a consequence - seeking stability, capability and accessibility among their external service providers...

Cloud computing features heavily in 2013 CIO tech priorities

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

The importance of cloud computing in the overall tech sphere has again been emphasised in a Gartner report surveying over 2,000 CIOs on their technology priorities for 2013. Cloudy areas featured heavily in the top 10 priorities for CIOs, with cloud computing itself – alongside software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) ranked at number three.

Elsewhere, legacy modernisation – a big element of companies moving into cloud-hosted solutions – was ranked at five, with customer resource management (seven), virtualisation (eight) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) apps (10) also make the top 10. Yet the two priorities ahead of cloud computing in the pecking order, analytics and BI (business intelligence) and mobile technologies, make for interesting reading as of course the areas are all inextricably linked...

Up in the Cloud: Hype and High Expectations for Cloud Computing

Grazed from Knowledge@Wharton. Author: Editorial Staff.

Cloud computing is a much hyped but often misunderstood technology that is gaining traction in different industries around the world. Businesses are integrating the cloud into countless systems, from HR to finance. Full adoption and acceptance of cloud computing, however, are still far away.

A recent global survey by Knowledge@Wharton and SAP's Performance Benchmarking team reveals that while the hype and excitement surrounding cloud computing is reaching a fever pitch, many businesses are still expressing concerns over cloud security and IT integration issues. The survey also shows that while many people agree that the cloud is revolutionizing business, they still do not fully understand how it works...

The Cloud Computing Market In 2013

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Rick Blaisdell.

When it comes to cloud computing, expectations are high for 2013. Businesses of all sizes are putting their hopes into cloud computing technologies and services to help them deliver business value while reducing operating costs. According to a recent Foresights survey nearly 50% of all enterprises in North America and Europe will set aside budgets for cloud investments in 2013. Also, 50% of software development companies are planning to deploy applications in the cloud. Let’s see what analysts and researchers expect from the cloud computing market in 2013:

Cloud technology will reach more customers in 2013

The cloud computing marketplace will reach $16.7B in revenue by 2013, including the large and well-established software-as-a-service (SaaS) category, according to a research report by 451 Market Monitor, compared to a revenue of $8.7B in 2010...

Cloud security to be most disruptive technology of 2013

Grazed from NetworkWorld. Author: Ellen Messmer.

The Security for Business Innovation Council, comprised of IT security professionals from 19 companies worldwide, called cloud computing the main disruptive force for 2013. In its report, "Information Security Shake-Up," the group said it was evident many organizations are preparing to move more business processes to the cloud. This year, it will even be "mission-critical apps and regulated data" consigned to the cloud.

The Council, established several years ago to advise RSA, includes security professionals from Coca-Cola, eBay, FedEx, EMC, Fidelity Investments, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, and Walmart, among several others. "Although supplier lock-in and system availability are some of the big concerns with the cloud, security remains the number one obstacle to adoption," the Council's report says. "But trust in the cloud is growing."...