Dropbox, Instagram And More; How Android And Cloud Computing Will Make It Big In 2014

Grazed from DroidReport. Author: Jennifer Lynn.

Android startups and companies have been embracing cloud trends. Dropbox, Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest and companies such as Samsung have been leveraging cloud computing technologies to provide innovation. According to a recent article by The Guardian, it is predicted cloud will power exciting innovations that will touch every area of our lives. The article also highlights key four cloud computing trends that are set to become big in 2014.

Cloud will enable your content to follow you wherever you go

Cloud has changed how we interact with mobile devices. In the past content would be moved to the device, now devices are just a window to content and services that live in the cloud. This started with our smartphones and tablets, where regardless of which device we use, or the location, we have access to our content and subscriptions...

Companies may focus more on security in cloud computing services in 2014

Grazed from Seagate. Author: Editorial Staff.

Organizations may seek more security from cloud storage solutions in 2014, due to concerns about surveillance and breaches. Features such as data encryption and hosting located in specific countries may become increasingly desirable. On top of that, companies will continue to seek secure, enterprise-grade file sharing and storage solutions that are appealing enough to discourage employees from relying on unsafe consume alternatives.

In an article for Computerworld, Jaikumar Vijayan predicted that 2014 would bring encryption to the forefront of cloud computing services. For example, vendors such as Microsoft and Google are already at work on encrypting data in transit and at rest. Google's cloud encrypts data before it is recorded to storage. Microsoft's cloud-based email service, as well as its Office 365 and Windows Azure products, are also being ugpraded with new encryption features, including 2048-bit keys and Perfect Forward Secrecy in some cases...

Roundup Of Cloud Computing And Enterprise Software Predictions For 2014

Grazed from Enterprise Irregulars. Author: Louis Columbus.

Alan Kay’s saying that the best way to predict the future is to create it resonates through the best cloud computing and enterprise software predictions for 2014. Constraints that held start-ups back from delivering sophisticated new apps and services are disappearing fast. The dynamics of one of my favorite books, The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen, are in full force across the cloud and enterprise landscape. There are many predictions being generated right now and instead of writing yet another set, I’m providing a listing of those that are the most interesting and thought-provoking. They are listed below:

10 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014 – In-depth analysis of ten predictions including how more companies will realize they are really in the software business, private cloud computing having a moment of truth and continued adoption of cloud brokerages. This set of predictions is an interesting read and provides useful insight. I’d just add that as application developers go, so goes an industry, a point Bernard Golden refers to in this post...

Cloud Computing: 2014 Will Be a Big Year For IBM

Grazed from MotelyFool.  Author: Timothy Green.

2013 has not been kind to IT giant IBM . The company's stock has been declining since hitting highs last March, with disappointing earnings and a collapse of the hardware business in emerging markets largely to blame. IBM was the only stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average to decline in 2013, even after a significant end-of-year surge.

2014 will be a year of challenges for IBM, but the company should continue to make progress toward its long-term goals. Hewlett-Packard managed to win some market share from IBM in the server business in 2013, and the general trend toward cloud computing will continue to pressure IBM's hardware business and the server industry as a whole. Meanwhile, Amazon's aggressive expansion of its cloud services has put IBM in the position of playing catch up, with at least one high-profile private cloud contract going to the retail giant instead of Big Blue in 2013. There's certainly plenty to worry about going forward for IBM, but many of these worries seem overdone...

2014 Forecast for Cloud Computing

Grazed from IDG News.  Author: Sharon Florentine.

Thanks to cloud computing along with other disruptive technologies such as mobility, M2M and big data analytics, workers will have more and better information at their fingertips, allowing them to make smarter decisions faster in 2014.

"We are experiencing the democratization of enterprise technology," says David Small, chief platform officer of Verizon Enterprise Solutions. "Mirroring what has happened in consumer technology, enterprise technology users look for services to be delivered on demand, to a time and place of their choosing and in the way that they want. In 2014, enterprise success will be measured by how well organizations are able to use technology to meet user expectations and harness individual innovation."...

Cloud 2014 - What Are The Experts Anticipating?

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Tyle Gillings.

It isn’t far now; the celebrations of next year are just around the corner. Many are looking back over the year and studying what has already come to pass, while others are pondering on what’s to come. Many trends have been offered as possibilities surrounding Cloud Computing. However, what I am tremendously interested in comprises of budgets, security measures and consumer outcomes.

Considering that this time last year there were high debates as to how big the Cloud would actually get, to what extents it would be used and how much it would be worth by the end of the year. Now that the Cloud is bigger than ever, what are the analysts saying about the Cloud; what do they predict for 2014?...

Cloud computing 2014: Moving to a zero-trust security model

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author: Jaikumar Vijayan.

The leaking of classified documents detailing the data collection activities of the U.S. National Security Agency earlier this year reignited some long-standing concerns about the vulnerability of enterprise data stored in the cloud.  But instead of scaring businesses away from using hosted services, as some experts predicted, the leaks about the NSA spy programs are driving some long overdue changes in enterprise and service provider security and privacy policies.

When Edward Snowden first began spilling details of the NSA's surveillance practices to selected reporters in June, industry analysts had expected that the revelations would put a severe crimp on plans for cloud deployment...

Not Your Average Cloud: A Manifesto of Potential

Grazed from Wired. Author: Nathan Toups.

Take a moment and look up. What you see is a sky we’ve been striving to understand for most of human civilization. Whether it’s the sun, moon, stars or clouds, we’ve been wondering: How does it all work? It was only recently that humans had a solid grasp of the observable universe. Cloud computing is a similarly tricky subject. Whether you feel that stormy weather affects it, roll your eyes at the much-abused marketing jargon, or you develop distributed web apps, rarely is a concept that is so important so misunderstood.

Understanding the cloud is important because of the potential power that comes with the knowledge. When you’re typing in your credit card number to a webpage do you ever stop and think about who exactly possesses the information afterwards? Most of us do not because of how commonplace the practice is within our culture. Black Friday online shopping this year reached a pinnacle milestone – $1.2 billion was spent, marking the first billion-dollar day in ecommerce history. If you were one of the people madly clicking “Add to Cart” that day, your orders were most likely processed through software that embraced modern cloud computing infrastructure...

10 Cloud Predictions for 2014

Grazed from BusinessNewsDaily. Author: Sara Angeles.

In 2013, the cloud industry hit a milestone. As indicated by the massive surge in users and the slew of cloud vendors and service providers now available, cloud computing went from being just another buzzword to a viable infrastructure widely adopted by small businesses and large enterprises alike. It also revealed how vulnerable cloud users are to the dangers of cloud computing. In 2014, the cloud industry will aim to change that.

From public clouds to private clouds to hybrid clouds, businesses now have a wide range of services from which to choose that best fit their needs and budgets. Whether they implement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), or Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS), the cloud can be used for storage and anytime, anywhere access of files, applications, networks and entire computing systems...

OpenStack push grows, Microsoft and Amazon square off: The year in cloud computing

Grazed from Author: Daniel Robinson.

Cloud computing continued its inexorable spread during 2013. Momentum continued to gather behind the open source OpenStack platform, while private cloud provider VMware looked to extend its reach to public cloud services. Meanwhile Microsoft moved to compete against Amazon with infrastructure as a service support on Azure.

With many organisations seemingly more confident about adopting cloud services for some IT services this year, the focus has been less on whether private cloud or public cloud would win out and growing acceptance that hybrid cloud – a combination of both – is the way that most customers will consume cloud services...