Cloud computing is changing role of tech support

Grazed from TheTennessean. Author: JJ Rosen.

The shortage of tech professionals has been a hot issue in the Nashville business community for years now. Running a technology consulting firm myself, I can attest that the challenge to find, hire and retain top tech talent is the No. 1 barrier to growth. The problem is pretty simple: a matter of supply and demand.

Since most every organization is dependent on technology in some respect, the demand curve for tech know-how is on a steep, never-ending climb. So far, the supply side has simply been unable to keep up. Despite increased training opportunities for anyone seeking a career as network engineer or software developer, nationally we are still coming up short of candidates to fill the thousands of job openings...

European Data Centres: Hybrid Support Spanning Traditional and Cloud Services Will Be Crucial

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The gradual movement of data centres from on-premise services toward hosted services such as colocation, managed hosting and cloud is an important shift in enterprise IT infrastructure, compelling data centre service providers to expand their portfolios to support hybrid environments. With enterprise IT infrastructure currently being a combination of traditional and cloud services, providers need to tailor their solutions to offer management and technical aid for a complex setup.

European Data Centre Services Market, is the new analysis that is part of the IT Services & Applications Growth Partnership Service program, which also includes subjects such as enterprise infrastructure transformation, physical to virtual back-up software, managed security services, mobile device management, software-defined networking and cloud computing...

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Inside Amazon's Cloud Support

Grazed from Datamation.  Author: Sean Michael Kerner.

Perhaps more so than any other company, Amazon has helped to define the new Cloud era of computing.  While Amazon's Web Services (AWS) cloud offerings are tightly associated with specific tech capabilities and increasingly competitive pricing structures, there is another key element in Amazon's cloud portfolio -- support.

Brent Jaye, is VP of AWS Support, a position he came too after first spending years toiling in Amazon's traditional retail sales division. Jaye told Datamation that AWS services a very wide range of customers, including some of the largest enterprises in the world, as well as many small businesses and individual customers. To that end, Amazon offers a number of different support options to meet the specific needs of the various use cases that customers have in place...

Google adds fee-based support services for cloud platform customers

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Juan Carlos Perez.

Google has launched fee-based support services for customers of its cloud platform and infrastructure products, like App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and Big Query. Google, often criticized over the years for having weak technical support both for consumers and enterprise customers, rolled out a four-tier support program specifically for customers of its Cloud Platform services.

"Support is as important as product features when choosing a platform for your applications. And let's face it, sometimes we all need a bit of help," wrote Brett McCully, from the Google Cloud Platform Team, in a blog post on Thursday. The Bronze tier, which is free, includes access to online documentation, community forums and billing help. Building on those services, the Silver tier, which costs $150 per month per account, adds the ability for customers to ask the Cloud Platform support team questions via email related to product functionality, best practices and service errors...

There’s No Magic to Good Cloud-Based IT Support: It’s Still About Quality Service

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An increasingly popular buzzword among business owners in Chicago, cloud computing is essentially describing a service, not a product. Similar to other professional service vendors, cloud computing companies are trusted partners who can be relied upon to manage the most sensitive and critical of your business operations.

“When we talk with Chicago business owners about cloud computing,” says Daniel Wang, Owner of Jexet Technologies a Chicago based cloud service provider, “There is this idea that you just set it up and it runs all by itself. But in reality, our cloud clients depend on our service department all the time for a wide variety of assistance, from simple email issues to complex software deployments.”...

Technology v support: Amazon's premium challenge

Grazed from The Register.  Author: Matt Asay.

In order to compete in the public cloud with the Amazon juggernaut, rivals like Rackspace and Alcatel-Lucent are turning to value-added services to try to turn commoditised cloud computing into premium offerings.

It's unclear whether this will work. Once customers get habituated to "low cost and more than good enough", it's hard to convince them to pay more, particularly when Amazon Web Services has come to be the default public cloud option.

The stakes are high enough, however, that Amazon's competitors aren't about to shirk the fight...

Google Apps for Business Gets Complete 24/7 Phone Support

Grazed from eWeek.  Author: Clint Boulton.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Nov. 14 added 24/7 phone support in its Google Apps for Business for all issues, providing an additional lure for CIOs considering Google's paid collaboration suite as an alternative to Microsoft  software...

In the Open Source Cloud Race, Support Will Differentiate the Players

Grazed from OStatic.  Author: Sam Dean.

Open source cloud computing solutions are proliferating, as businesses and organizations demand flexible solutions for deploying public and private cloud applications. Among these solutions, OpenStack remains one of the highest profile examples, with vendors ranging from Hewlett-Packard to Dell to Citrix supporting it. Increasingly, OpenStack will face off with Eucalyptus Systems, which we've covered since its inception here at OStatic. In a piece for InfoWorld, Savio Rodrigues makes some good points about why Eucalyptus Systems may win organizations over and outpace OpenStack in the long run...

Cloud computing implications for the IT support sector

Grazed from Business Wings.  Author: Adam Bannister.

When Google unveiled the Chromebook in May, Sergey Brin, its co-founder, described it as “a new model of computing”.

And yet, the Chromebook is a mere laptop, a breed of computer which tablet PCs and smartphones are rendering, if not yet obsolete, then certainly ungainly and ill-suited to surfing the web.

But Brin wasn’t referring to the physical interface. Rather, Google’s new device, which is manufactured by Samsung and Acer, purports to be the first hardware purpose-built for using applications and storing data exclusively through the internet...

Citrix Continues to Lead the Market For Cloud-based Remote Support Services

Grazed from BUSINESS WIRE.  Author: PR Accouncement.

Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTXS - News), the world leader in cloud-based remote support services, today announced that it has again been ranked number one in the remote support services market with more than 31.5% share by top analyst firm IDC. With offerings for both IT management and customer support, Citrix grew its share of the market by 14.5 percent from 20091 by providing solutions that drastically reduce costs and increase productivity. The remote-support market, IDC reports, is showing significant growth as companies seek comprehensive support options that increase productivity while drastically reducing the costs associated with IT and customer support management....