Cloud Computing: Hacker Lexicon - What Is Homomorphic Encryption?

Grazed from Wired. Author: Editorial Staff.

The problem with encrypting data is that sooner or later, you have to decrypt it. Keep your cloud files cryptographically scrambled using a secret key that only you possess, and it’s likely no hacker will have the codebreaking resources necessary to crack them. But as soon as you want to actually do something with those files—anything from editing a word document or querying a database of financial data—you have to unlock the data and leave it vulnerable. Homomorphic encryption, a still-mostly-theoretical advancement in the science of keeping secrets, could change that.

A homomorphic encryption scheme is a crypto system that allows computations to be performed on data without decrypting it. A homomorphically encrypted search engine, for instance, could take in encrypted search terms and compare them with an encrypted index of the web. Or a homomorphically encrypted financial database stored in the cloud would allow users to ask how much money an employee earned in the second quarter of 2013...

Security Analytics Startup Looks To MSPs, Cloud Partners For Growth

Grazed from CRN.  Author: Kari Hamanaka.

The head of an early-stage security analytics company has a well-thought-out strategy for partnerships moving ahead amid what he called accelerating demand for smarter approaches to security.

Austin, Texas-based SparkCognition is just about a year old and has established partnerships with IBM Watson, SoftLayer and Power, and while most of its sales currently are direct, Founder, President and CEO Amir Husain is already in the beginning stages of building out the company's channel...

IT is losing the battle on security in the cloud

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A majority of IT organizations are kept in the dark when it comes to protecting corporate data in the cloud, putting confidential and sensitive information at risk. This is just one of the findings of a recent Ponemon Institute study commissioned by SafeNet. The study, titled "The Challenges of Cloud Information Governance: A Global Data Security Study," surveyed more than 1800 IT and IT security professionals worldwide.

The research indicates that while organizations are increasingly using cloud computing resources, IT staff is having trouble controlling the management and security of data in the cloud...

Greatest Hurdle to Cloud Computing Adoption: Security or Awareness?

Grazed from TechVibes.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Canadian business executives have heard plenty of talk about the cloud, but most have a low awareness of the potential benefits of cloud-based solutions to their businesses.  That's the finding of a survey of Canadian C-suite executives released by Microsoft Canada, which found that 90 per cent of senior Canadian executives are not familiar with what cloud computing means and that two-thirds are "only just beginning to familiarize themselves" with the cloud.

Of the 10 per cent who feel they are familiar with cloud computing, fewer than half (45 per cent) were able to select the correct definition from a list of choices.  "I think the findings reveal a disconnect between what the cloud really is, what it offers, and how it is perceived by Canada's C-suite decision-makers," said Microsoft Canada president Janet Kennedy...

HP Helion OpenStack with developer tools and secure storage solution now commercially available

Grazed from IT Pro Portal. Author: Jamie Hinks.

HP has announced the commercial availability of its Helion OpenStack and Development Platform that gives businesses the chance to benefit from a combined Infrastructure-as-a-service [IaaS] and Platform-as-a-Service [PaaS] solution. The company also announced its new Helion Content Depot that is designed to handle the growth in unstructured data, images and media, and the releases are the first since HP made it clear that it was supporting the OpenStack project in June.

Organisations that choose the Helion OpenStack IaaS get a solution that has predictable scalability, high availability and durability, and low operating costs. The Helion Development PaaS, meanwhile, allows users to develop and implement cloud-native apps using various programming languages and app services...

How Secure Is Your Cloud? (Infographic)

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Danny Ashton.

There has been a lot of buzz around cloud computing lately, but not many people know what that actually means. This infographic will try to resolve some mystery surrounding that topic. Cloud computing is a revolutionary concept that gives you the opportunity of accessing your data over a network, like the Internet. That means your data is located in a cloud and you can access it from any other computer or even from your mobile phone. This can save your life in cases of emergencies when you need to access some file quick and easy. If you have heard of it, but you are not sure if it is absolutely secure, you should read this infographic carefully.

Many companies are starting to see that cloud usage can be really useful in business world. Over 50 % of firms are currently using it in the United States. It definitely has a lot of benefits when compared with traditional computing. This infographic is based on a survey of 200 IT managers who use cloud security in their own workplace...

Cloud Computing: Rackspace RackConnect Update Adds Security, Scalability

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Chris Talbot.

Rackspace (RAX) updated its hybrid cloud offering with new security capabilities, increased scalability and an improved user experience. RackConnect v3 was designed to meet customers' needs for public cloud scalability in a hybrid IT environment. RackConnect is typical in many ways of a hybrid cloud solution, in that it provides customers with a combination of traditional dedicated hardware and networks with various services deployed in the public cloud. In the latest version release, RackConnect has joined the growing software-defined networking (SDN) technology segment, with more SDN-focused features.

"RackConnect v3 redefines hybrid cloud by offering enterprise customers a migration path to the public cloud with none of the downside," said John Engates, CTO at Rackspace, in a prepared statement. "This unique hybrid cloud technology allows our customers to take advantage of our managed public cloud, private cloud and dedicated hosting offerings with a seamless integration backed by Fanatical Support. It is a unique offering in the market today."...

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Cloud Computing: Hackers shake confidence in idealism of open-source software

Grazed from SFGate.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Hackers have shaken the free-software movement that once symbolized the Web’s idealism.  Several high-profile attacks in recent months exploited security flaws in the open-source software created by volunteers collaborating online, building off each other’s work.

Developed in the 1980s, open-source software has become so pervasive that it now powers global stock exchanges, the International Space Station and, according to researcher International Data Corp., appears on about 95 percent of computers and servers...

Identity-based security and the cloud

Grazed from GigaOM. Author: David Linthicum.

The rise of cloud computing has led to the reassessment of how both cloud and non-cloud systems approach security. Considering the complex and distributed nature of cloud-based platforms, security approaches that leverage identity are the best fit. This will require a fundamental shift in thinking — and in technology.

There are many players in the field of identity and access management (IAM) ranging from the old guard of Oracle, CA, and IBM to newer players that are built specifically for the cloud. However, the movement to identity-based solutions is not as easy as the technology providers describe. While it’s fairly straightforward to build new approaches to security in new applications that reside on the cloud, the harder aspect of IAM is to extend this security model to the traditional enterprise, so the entire environment is secure. Security should be consistent and systemic, which is lacking in most traditional enterprise systems. This security problem needs to be solved before moving to the cloud...

Cloud Computing Security Proving Difficult for Midsize Businesses

Grazed from MidSize Insider.  Author: Shawn Drew.

A new survey on the state of cloud security shines a light on the increasingly complex task of securing data and applications, with which midsize businesses are having a particularly tough time. These businesses need to understand the importance of security and find a way to mitigate risk as they make the almost inevitable push toward the cloud.

Businesses Finding Difficulty With Cloud Computing Security

The latest cloud security insight comes from a survey conducted by AlgoSec, which asked cloud-based security questions of over 350 IT professionals, data center architects, application owners and CIOs. The results of the survey, summarized in eWeek, prove that even as the cloud becomes a standard part of almost every information infrastructure, cloud computing security has a long way to go...