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Connecting To The Cloud - 4 questions you need to ask telecom providers

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The past year saw an overwhelming adoption of cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and hosted applications, as many businesses chose to store their data online rather than on physical computers and servers. A new report from Cisco estimates that cloud computing usage is expected to grow twelvefold by 2015, But an increasing number of local companies are finding that simply having the cloud in their business isn't enough; it's how quickly and reliably they can access that cloud (and the applications in it) that will determine their success in 2012.

Businesses are also finding that the cloud helps reduce energy consumption and offers them the flexibility to purchase more data storage for only as long as they need it, rather than being forced to invest in costly office equipment that takes years to pay off...

Ignition Partners backs San Francisco cloud application service Iron.IO

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Ignition Partners continues to pump dollars into cloud computing startups — most of them which happen to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The latest example is, a San Francisco company that today announced $1.4 million in venture funding from Ignition, Baseline Ventures, Cloud Capital Partners, Citrix Systems and others. is the maker of IronWorker and IronMQ, the latter service which launched today and coordinates messages and event flow between cloud apps and systems.

“With IronMQ and IronWorker, we’re offloading the challenges of maintaining what ends up becoming pretty complex systems,” said CEO Chad Arimura. “The funding we’ve received from our investors will help us to continue expanding our cloud application services for developers that are easy-to-use, durable and deliver ironclad value.”...

Alcatel Promises Better Clouds for Carriers

Grazed from PCWorld.  Author: Stephen Lawson.

Alcatel-Lucent is developing a cloud computing platform for carriers that aims to take full advantage of their networks to deliver guaranteed performance.

Carriers can use the platform, called CloudBand, both to run their own software and to offer cloud computing services to enterprises. For internal purposes, the cloud can make it faster and cheaper to launch and operate services, and for subscribers it will offer more predictable performance than current clouds, according to Alcatel. Carriers will be able to sell cloud computing services with guaranteed availability and response times, the company says.

Service providers already can build their own cloud data centers and link them to their infrastructure, which can provide an edge in performance over using the open Internet, said Dor Skuler, vice president of cloud solutions at Alcatel. But CloudBand goes beyond this with software that examines a wide range of conditions and user requirements to find the best settings for a given application at a certain time...

Adaptive Computing Joins Forces with SGI to Deliver Robust HPC and Cloud Solutions

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Adaptive Computing, managers of the world's largest supercomputing systems as experts in HPC workload management and cloud management, and SGI, the trusted leader in technical computing, jointly announced today at Supercomputing '11 in booth # 927 that Adaptive Computing and SGI have signed an agreement for SGI to distribute the full line of Moab HPC Suite and Moab Cloud Suite. This business agreement was formalized in response to SGI's technical computing customers who require intelligent HPC workload management and cloud management to improve and better manage data center work flows. The patented Moab intelligence engine will support the SGI ICE family designed for today's data intensive problems. This platform from SGI raises the efficiency bar, easily scaling to meet virtually any processing requirements without compromising ease of use, manageability or price/performance...

Next Generation Preps for Cloud Containers

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Can Wales become a destination for modular data centers? Next Generation Data (NGD) has prepared the top floor of its massive facility in Newport, Wales to house containerized data centers.

The 140,000 square foot space includes just four pillars, which NGD executives say has made it ideal for a major modular deployment, perhaps for a U.S. cloud computing provider seeking to add capacity in Europe. The new space spans one of the three floors at the 750,000 square foot NGD facility, with the other two floors housing traditional raised-floor data center space...

Thomson Reuters Rebuilds Accounting CS for the Cloud

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Rather than retool their existing accounting software, Thomson Reuters decided to build a completely new application from the ground up.

The result is Accounting CS, the first tax and accounting application designed to take full advantage of cloud computing and the continuous, free flow of real-time data that it allows...

ViaWest Launches KINECTed™ Cloud

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Today, ViaWest announced the launch of its KINECTed™ Cloud service, which, unlike other cloud computing offerings, provides users a choice between two different hypervisors: a VMware-based vCloud® Powered hypervisor and an open source Xen®-based hypervisor. With KINECTed™ Cloud, users can choose the cloud type that best meets their needs and avoid the pitfalls of a "one-size-fits-all" solution...

Ninefold strikes back in battle for start-ups

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Australian cloud computing provider Ninefold has fired the latest shot in a growing battle for the start-up, announcing a scheme identical to multinational rival Rackspace offering start-ups $24,000 worth of cloud computing services and storage.

Under Ninefold's Cloud Booster Program, start-ups approved by Australian incubators Pollenizer and Startmate would be offered free cloud computing and storage worth $2000 per month for a year...

The Man Behind Cloud Valley

Grazed from MIT Technology Review.  Author:  Christina Larson.

In a suburb of Beijing, 800 workers arrive each day to a glass-and-masonry office block and a shared mission: to create China's version of the Internet cloud. 

Known as Cloud Valley, the 7,000-square-meter technology campus is the creation of Edward Tian, a 48-year old entrepreneur credited with bringing broadband Internet to China in the 1990s. On the campus, millions in investments from Tian's enterprises now fund engineers to wire-up servers into refrigerated shipping containers and all-night coding sessions by young programmers. These are components of what Tian hopes will become a complete supply chain for cloud computing—all of it Made in China...

Enterhost’s Cloud Computing Deployment and Other Services Featured in Dell Customer Case Study

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After deploying their new cloud computing solutions to customers worldwide, Enterhost, a web hosting solutions and Microsoft® Windows® application specialist founded in 2000, became the subject of a Dell(TM) Inc. Customer Case Study that is now published on Dell’s website...