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Peak 10 to host free cloud webinar

Grazed from JacksonVille Business Journal.  Author: Michael Clinton.

Peak 10 Inc.  said today that is planning a complimentary webinar to help businesses of all shapes and sizes understand what they should consider before moving to cloud-based computing.  Peak 10 will host the live webinar “Before You Move to the Cloud” at noon EST Tuesday, March 20.

Cloud-based computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. An example of a cloud-based service is Google Docs available through Gmail...

Connectria's Cloud Computing Ranks 2nd in North America & 4th Worldwide in Performance

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

Connectria Hosting, a global managed hosting provider, today announced that as of February 23, Connectria ranked an impressive 2nd in the North American market and 4th on a global basis in Cloud Computing Performance (over a 30 day period view) as measured by the Global Provider View on CloudSleuth.

Sponsored by Compuware, the technology performance company, CloudSleuth is the industry's only partner-driven cloud performance community that fosters a collaborative exchange of strategies, best practices and resources for deploying and managing applications in the cloud. Connectria recently joined CloudSleuth in order to leverage its growing partner community. As part of its alliance with CloudSleuth, Connectria began participating in the Global Provider View, a free cloud monitoring service that objectively benchmarks page delivery performance and availability metrics of popular public cloud providers...

Introducing AT&T's "Virtual Private Cloud"

Grazed from PR NewsWire.  Author:  PR Announcement.

Business cloud computing users will take note: the power of AT&T's "virtual private cloud" has arrived.

AT&T* today announced AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service(SM) with VMware vCloud® Datacenter Service. 

The new enterprise-class cloud service combines technologies from virtual private networking (VPN) industry leader AT&T(1) and cloud infrastructure software industry leader VMware.

Like AT&T's other cloud offers, this new cloud capability is embedded directly into its network. This means compute and storage services can be scaled, managed, routed and delivered to business customers, down to virtually any fixed or mobile device, quickly and flexibly, on demand, with enterprise-grade security and performance...

N-able Technologies and NTRglobal extend cloud computing services

Grazed from Fresh Business Thinking.  Author: Ben Simmons.

Building on a successful alliance, N-able Technologies®, providers of remote monitoring and management (RMM) automation software for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments, and NTRglobal, a specialist in cloud-based help desk and ITSM delivery systems, today announced the integration of the NTR Cloud into the award-winning N-central RMM platform.

Through its cloud-based API, NTRglobal enables ISVs to seamlessly integrate its secure remote connectivity technology. By leveraging this flexible interface, N-central now includes NTR Cloud unattended remote control functionality as part of its overall service offering. Available now, the powerful remote desktop module allows support technicians to securely connect to and manage a wide range of remote devices in seconds. It is also proven to reduce support queues, optimize workflow and boost time to repair by 50 percent or more by enabling faster, more effective incident resolution...

Telx and Appcore Team Up for Private Hosted Cloud Services

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author:  PR Announcement.

Telx(R) today announced that it has entered a strategic alliance with Appcore, a leading global provider of enterprise private hosted cloud services. Under the terms of the partnership, Telx is now providing its 1,000+ colocation customers across 17 C3 Cloud Connection Centers direct, dedicated access to Appcore's turnkey private hosted cloud solution via the Telx Cloud Xchange.

"The partnership between Appcore and Telx is an important strategic alliance for enterprise and service providers wanting to deliver the benefits of private cloud to their customers. Telx is a world-class data center operator ideal for the Appcore Onsite Private Cloud solution. Through this alliance, we are able to bring a customer's branded, private, dedicated cloud service online in 30 days or less with gold global support, enabling them to reap the rewards of cloud computing without the headaches of building it themselves," said Brian Donaghy, Appcore CEO...

What Accountants Must Know Before Choosing The Right Cloud Application Vendor

Grazed from CloudTweaks.  Author: Florence G. de Borja.

With the recent worldwide popularity of cloud computing, it is expected to gain more momentum with more and more industries making use of such technology. The accounting profession can experience the most benefits because the accounting field processes a lot of data which can be housed online through cloud computing. However, not every accountant knows cloud computing and it is but expected that they have doubts as to the integrity of the technology. As such, this article hopes to explain the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing with regards to the accounting profession.

Accountants can benefit from cloud computing because it eliminates purchasing software and servers, and maintaining and running them. The old technology infrastructure which requires all software and servers to be housed in the accountant’s office is now being replaced with a more robust and inexpensive technology known as cloud computing. Cloud applications are run through the web. An accountant just needs a computer or a laptop and an internet connection to be able to run accounting applications.  The software and server are managed not by the accountant but by the cloud application vendor. Typical applications available for accountants include full ERP (enterprise resource planning), payroll, and tax software. The accountant need not purchase a license to use the software. He/she just needs to pay subscription fees...

Cloud Computing: Red Hat Puts Gluster Appliance on Amazon

Grazed from Sys Con Media.   Author: Maureen O'Gara.

Red Hat is putting its bought-in Gluster scale-out NAS storage technology, acquired in October, on the Amazon cloud.

It’s styled Red Hat Virtual Storage Appliance for Amazon Web Services and other clouds are supposed to follow in short order.

It’ll let companies burst their unstructured data center storage to the cloud and aggregate both Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances for a highly available petabyte-size virtualized storage pool...

The Open Group Releases Standards for SOA Architects, Cloud Service Providers

Grazed from InfoQ.  Author: Richard Seroter.

The Open Group recently published three standards that aid organizations that are building infrastructure-as-a-service offerings and service oriented architectures. In addition to releasing the Service Oriented Architecture Reference Architecture (SOA RA) and Service Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure Framework (SOCCI), the Open Group also updated their Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM). In concert, these standards provide expert advice in the form of best practices, questionnaires, and templates for SOA and cloud-scale infrastructure architecture.

The SOA RA is a nearly two hundred page guide that includes significant input from IBM, among other technology partners. Architects are meant to use this guide as a blueprint for assessing, designing and implementing service-oriented solutions. In essence, this standard answer the question “what is an SOA?” and provides a complete logical design of a service oriented architecture. The core of this standard focuses on nine thoroughly described layers, or capability areas, that make up a SOA solution stack...

Vnetrix deploys CA AppLogic

Grazed from CBR.  Author:  Editorial Staff.

UK-based managed service provider (MSP) Vnetrix has deployed CA Technologies AppLogic software to reduce the launch time for hosted cloud services from weeks to hours and is helping global customers, Universal Music and Atkins, to benefit from cloud-based operations.

Vnetrix is leveraging the CA Technologies AppLogic turnkey cloud computing platform to drive Business Service Innovation by reducing time-to-market for new business services, while simultaneously increasing margin.

CA AppLogic application-centric cloud platform allows users to turn an application and the infrastructure that supports it into a single manageable object...

IDC Government Insights Predicts "Regional Cloud Hubs" Will Significantly Change Computer Services Procurement for Governments

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

IDC Government Insights announced the availability of a new report, Best Practices: Regional Community Cloud Hubs -- The New "Trickle Down" Effect That's Boosting State and Local Computing (Document #GI232470). According to the new report, IDC Government Insights believes a new type of government cloud services, labeled "regional cloud hubs", will significantly change the way state and local governments procure online computing services. These regional cloud hubs, defined as one government agency (often at the state level) offering computing services to other government agencies, have proven successful in the State of Michigan and State of Utah and are further examined within the report. In addition, the new research provides a framework for building similar regional cloud solutions.

According to Shawn McCarthy, research analyst, IDC Government Insights, "We believe that cloud hubs will see rapid growth, since the first multiagency efforts have already shown a positive return on investment and solid service levels for cloud solutions subscribers."...