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Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud and AI Solutions in Europe to Meet Changing Needs in Digital Transformation

Grazed from Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, today launched eight products ranging from big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to infrastructure, security and private cloud solutions at the Mobile World Congress that is taking place in Barcelona Spain. The array of products will meet the surging demand for powerful and reliable cloud computing services as well as advanced AI solutions among European enterprises to support them to capture opportunities in this digital transformation era. Bringing together these products with the expertise and real experience available from Alibaba Cloud, customers can put in place cutting edge solutions particularly in areas such as online and offline retail integration, smart manufacturing and smart city development.

The new products being launched for European enterprises fall into a number of inter-related categories. In relation to data technology and AI, Alibaba Cloud is launching three key products - Image Search solutions, which allow users to search for information online and offline using images; Intelligent Services Robot, a chatbot for business; and Dataphin, an intelligent data engine developed to cope with the cross-industry big data development, management and application needs.

Infrastructure and security will continue to be crucial as the foundation and fundamental consideration for enterprises undertaking cloud migration. In view of this, Alibaba Cloud will launch ECS Baremetal Instance, a new high performance computing solution of ECS that combines the strengths of virtualized systems and bare metal servers. When connected as a supercomputer, ECS Baremetal Instances becomes a Super Computing Cluster that will reduce network latency to the level of micro-seconds while offering elasticity and supercomputing capabilities.

New Red Hat Management Innovations Designed to Accelerate Customers' Hybrid Cloud Automation Strategies

Grazed from Red Hat

Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced new innovations in its management portfolio, including the latest releases of Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat CloudForms, designed to accelerate deployments of Red Hat-powered cloud environments, and automate and greater simplify ongoing infrastructure management.

"Being able to scale and deploy more quickly are key capabilities of digital transformation, where enterprises embrace emerging digital technologies to fuel differentiated products and services. This agility, however, can often require a new management approach, one that builds upon a core of task automation in the face of increased complexity. With today's announcement, Red Hat continues to build out our management offerings based upon the powerful automation capabilities of Ansible, helping our customers to adopt new technologies while maintaining greater control over their hybrid cloud infrastructures." -- Joe Fitzgeraldvice president and general manager, Management, Red Hat

IT infrastructure is increasingly complex with disparate systems across physical hardware, virtualized environments, private cloud deployments, and public cloud instances. The heterogeneous nature of modern enterprise computing can often require a new type of management solution, one that can improve scale, speed, and stability while still providing a clear picture across disparate infrastructures.

Veeam Availability Orchestrator Ensures Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Compliance and Peace-of-Mind

Grazed from Veeam Software

Veeam Software, the Availability for the Always-On Enterprise innovator, today announced the general availability of NEW Veeam Availability Orchestrator - the newest addition to the Veeam Availability Platform - which enables enterprises to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) compliance. Most DR failures can be tracked back to outdated and untested plans. The rapidly increasing rate of business and technology changes makes it critical that companies update their DR plans continuously, something that only 14 percent do today, according to Forrester Research. Veeam Availability Orchestrator solves this problem by delivering a DR orchestration solution that reduces the time, cost and effort associated with planning for and recovering from a disaster.

While many enterprises have a DR plan already in place, executing on these plans is often complex, cumbersome and time-consuming. Expensive, error-prone manual processes are common but do not scale, resulting in DR plans that can easily become obsolete. This results in risk to both data and application Availability, but also to compliance with industry regulations and governing bodies. Veeam Availability Orchestrator is the answer, providing an orchestration engine rich with planning, automated documenting and testing capabilities for preparedness and compliance, with full support for Veeam replicas.

CloudShare Introduces CloudShare for Support: A Cloud Service That Helps Enterprises Solve More Customer Issues in Less Time

Grazed from CloudShare

CloudShare, a specialty cloud provider that helps software companies replicate complex on-premise IT environments in the cloud for training, sales enablement, and sandboxing for testing and support, today announced its new CloudShare for Support offering that helps technical support teams significantly speed up time to resolution and increase productivity. 

The time required to recreate customer issues is one of the major pain points faced by technical support organizations at technology and software vendors. In many cases, before troubleshooting can even begin, Tier 2 and 3 support reps spend hours or even days recreating a customer's environment.

CloudShare's virtual IT labs speed time to resolution by enabling support engineers to easily import complex customer environments and product versions. Reps can also take advantage of a large library of ready-made, fully licensed templates for testing with popular applications and operating systems. Resources can be spun up on-demand, saved in specific states, and shared with team members around the globe for true 24/7 support. Easy environment replication and sharing also makes it easy for reps to troubleshoot issues in parallel, instead of traditional linear approaches.


Bitnami Simplifies Cloud Migration with Stacksmith Service

Grazed from Bitnami

Bitnami, the leading provider of packaged applications for any platform, announced the availability of Bitnami Stacksmith, a tool that simplifies the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud by automating the manual tasks required to package, deploy and maintain software stacks for leading container and cloud platforms.

Bitnami is known for its automated end to end process of packaging and maintaining software for any platform. It publishes a catalog of over 120 open source applications and development stacks which get deployed over 1 million times a month across all platforms including leading cloud vendors like Amazon, Azure, Google and Oracle. Now, for the first time with Stacksmith, enterprises can leverage this powerful application automation technology and tooling to replatform their own applications from the datacenter to the cloud. With this simple SaaS solution, enterprise developers and operations teams now have a single tool to migrate and maintain custom in-house applications.

Stacksmith is designed to deliver a complete application migration experience for enterprises, in support of data center consolidation and digital transformation initiatives. It takes a running application in the traditional datacenter, repackages it, and delivers a running application in the public or private cloud. This is a significant departure from many other solutions in the market that simply build a container or virtual machine, or require teams of consultants.

Express Logic's X-Ware IoT Platform Delivers Seamless Cloud Connectivity

Grazed from Express Logic

Express Logic, provider of the comprehensive X-Ware IoT Platform powered by the industry leading ThreadX RTOS, announced today turnkey support for all the leading cloud providers. Among this group are Alibaba, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Baidu, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Tencent, and Xively. Designed from the ground up to be industrial grade, and developed entirely in-house by Express Logic engineers, the X-Ware IoT Platform leverages its size, performance, safety, security, ease of use, and other advanced features to provide best-of-class IoT connectivity for deeply embedded IoT sensors, devices, edge routers, and gateways.

Powered By ThreadX

Express Logic's high-performance ThreadX RTOS is at the heart of the X-Ware IoT Platform. With over 6.2 billion deployments, as certified by VDC Research, ThreadX is arguably the world's most widely deployed RTOS. ThreadX provides embedded developers with priority-based preemptive scheduling, preemption-threshold scheduling, optimized context switching, real-time event trace, downloadable memory-protected application modules, and full determinism, all accessed through a highly intuitive API. ThreadX is deployed in environments where small footprint, low overhead, high performance, solid reliability, and fast time-to-market are essential. ThreadX is ideally suited for cloud-infrastructure connectivity and related products from such sectors as consumer electronics, medical and scientific instrumentation, industrial control and automation, automotive, aerospace, and more.

eG Innovations & DABCC Announce Findings from 2018 Citrix Migration Survey

Grazed from eG Innovations and DABCC

eG Innovations, the leading IT performance management software provider, today announced results from its 2018 Citrix Migration Survey. The industry survey, jointly conducted by eG Innovations and virtualization and cloud news and support website, DABCC, Inc., explores the status of organizations' migration to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x from previous versions, in order to better understand the associated plans, challenges and performance expectations from Citrix professionals. With 795 respondents representing all major industries and IT roles, the survey results offer unique insights, trend analysis and predictions that are useful for any IT professional undertaking this impactful technology transition.

Citrix's desktop and application virtualization solutions are supporting IT service delivery to millions of enterprise users around the globe and a migration to the newest version of Citrix products is a significant technology upgrade that introduces major architectural changes and adds several new functionality improvements.

"Citrix offers a complete solution for securely and cost-effectively delivering application and desktops to the enterprise, but the migration to 7.x has presented some significant operational challenges to Citrix customers," said George Spiers, 2018 Citrix Technology Professional Awardee and EUC Architect. "The benefits of upgrading are substantial, but migration has been slow until last year, in part due to the major redeployment effort that the upgrade requires, and also due to some key feature gaps between XenApp 6.x and 7.x. Citrix has closed many of these gaps over the past two years, and this has enabled organizations to fully plan their upgrades for 2018."

Key Findings: Migration to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x

Webinar: Flash to Flash to Cloud - Three Steps to Ending the Storage Nightmare

Make sure to sign up for this upcoming live Webinar with Storage Switzerland and Tegile Systems to learn more about the three primary storage challenges that keep IT up at night:

  1. How to keep up with application performance demand
  2. How to affordably manage and store the vast amount of data that IT has to store
  3. How to protect that data so that applications can quickly return to service if a server, storage system or entire data center fails

Netronome Collaborates with Red Hat to Drive Performance for Open Cloud and NFV Infrastructure Technologies

Grazed from Netronome

Netronome, a leader in high-performance intelligent networking solutions, today announced collaboration with Red Hat on its Agilio 10/25/40GbE SmartNIC hardware and open software platform to develop future enhancements within the Linux and OpenStack communities. The ongoing development emphasizes open hardware acceleration technologies, aiming to help data center operators better extract more services and enable more users per server rack, a critical requirement in 4G networks and 5G deployments. This includes server racks used for OpenStack, cloud-based NFV and mobile edge computing infrastructures to help deliver more data, video, IoT, augmented reality and vehicle-to-infrastructure services.

The Agilio SmartNIC platform utilizes standard device drivers and data plane acceleration software for Open vSwitch (OVS), which have been developed alongside the Linux kernel community. This brings together the benefits of hardware-based acceleration and the strength of community-developed open source innovations. As a result, network traffic can now be delivered at line rate to virtual machines (VMs) running cloud networking and telecommunication applications while retaining the benefits of software-defined networking (SDN), OpenStack orchestration and VM migration. Based on Netronome benchmark testing, the innovations can deliver more than 25Mpps (million packets per second) while consuming less than a single server CPU core, resulting in up to a 20X gain in efficiency.

Atos Launches Managed OpenShift with Red Hat to Accelerate Businesses' Digital Transformation

Grazed from Atos and Red Hat

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, and Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, announces a collaboration to deliver a new fully-managed cloud container solution - Atos Managed OpenShift (AMOS) - built on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the industry's most comprehensive enterprise-grade container platform based on industry standards, including Linux container technologies and Kubernetes.

AMOS enables customers to create and run cloud-native applications and migrate legacy workloads on enterprise hybrid cloud environments, in a fully-managed service, leveraging the power of open source container technologies (Linux container technologies, Kubernetes). Because AMOS is built on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, a container-centric hybrid cloud solution, it can deliver the flexibility customers seek from cloud-native and container-based applications.