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Cisco, BMC forge cloud infrastructure partnership

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Larry Dignan.

Cisco and BMC Software on Monday said they are expanding their partnership to enable telecommunications companies to offer multi-tenant cloud computing services.

Under the terms of the alliance, BMC and Cisco will synch product development roadmaps and architecture to deliver a suite to automate cloud computing delivery. The platform, dubbed the Cloud Delivery Platform, is designed for service providers at first, but will expand to enterprises that have large private cloud operations.

The joint effort will allow for the automation and linking of various cloud computing components so telecom giants can provision services quickly.

From Moore's Law to the Law of Diminishing Returns

Grazed from IT Business Edge.  Author: Arthur Cole.

It looks like the good times are over and we all need to get used to a new reality of diminished expectations and slow, or even stagnant, growth.

You might think I'm talking about the economy, but I'm actually referring to processor technology.

Cloud computing market 'set to mature in 2011'

Grazed from Experian QAS.  Author: James Glass.

The cloud computing market will mature during next year, becoming integrated with other emerging technologies such as social networking and smartphones.

This is according to a new report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), which forecasts cloud services will make the move from early-adopter status to mainstream adoption over the course of the year.

Google upgrades its app engine cloud platform

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author:  Paul Krill.

Google will upgrade on Thursday its Google App Engine cloud platform and its software development kit, adding capabilities for real-time communications and increased data replication.

Microsoft gains cloud security certification, follows Google lead

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author:  Jon Brodkin.

Microsoft has received FISMA certification for its cloud computing data centres, a key step toward gaining customers in the federal government market that has been infiltrated by rival Google. However, Microsoft's hosted Exchange and Online services have not yet been awarded FISMA approval.

Did Amazon Just Move Supercomputing to the Cloud?

Grazed from MIT Tehcnology Review.  Author:  Christopher Mims.

Perhaps it was inevitable: the cloud is already parsing enormous quantities of information at a high speed for the world's webmasters; why not diversify its processor types and apply that power to problems that previously required in-house supercomputing resources?

One CIO’s View of Cloud Computing and ERP Software

Grazed from Smart Data Collective.  Author: Ephraim Cohen.

Zuora Launches 4 for the Cloud

Grazed from Destination CRM.  Author: Koa Beck.

Zuora, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of subscription-billing offerings, named a Rising Star in the 2009 CRM Market Awards, has had a busy year. With quite a few big announcements, including a couple of product releases, a partnership, and a perspective about the end of buying, Zuora is accelerating faster than you can say "subscription economy."

SMBs Mature with the Mobile Cloud

Grazed from Destination CRM.  Author: Lauren McKay.

According to research by Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, 39 percent of small businesses (fewer than 100 employee) and 84 percent of medium-sized business (100-1000 employees) can be described as having a mobile workforce that, on average, spends at least four days per month out of the office.

Putting Strategy into SaaS Purchases

Grazed from IT Business Edge.  Author: Ann All.

There is little doubt that organizations are looking to software-as-a-service (SaaS) as more than just a means to cut their costs. In a recent post of SaaS buying trends, I shared Software Insider Ray Wang's opinion that "SaaS will be the predominant entry point for new innovation" moving forward.


But will organizations benefit from this innovation without a methodical approach to SaaS?