Your Future in the Cloud

Grazed from TheCSuite. Author: Editorial Staff.

2015 has been the year the Enterprise Cloud came of age, but we haven’t seen anything yet says Bibi Bajwa, COO of cloud services provider Ormuco. Most commentators agree that the future – for businesses, governments and consumers – will be cloud-powered. The question is, which cloud?

Where does Watson live?

No, not Baker Street. We’re talking about IBM’s Watson, the natural language processing, machine learning, Jeopardy!-winning, artificial intelligence software. This Watson lives in the cloud. As do Siri and Cortana, the virtual assistants from Apple and Microsoft. The reason is that all these applications have to understand naturally spoken language. Which might be easy for human brains but requires staggering amounts of processing power for computers to do well...

Watson runs on a cluster of ninety insanely powerful servers. It has 16 terabytes of RAM and can process 500 GB of data, about a million books worth, per second. When it won Jeopardy! it had access to 200 million pages of information, including the entirety of Wikipedia. Software like Watson or Siri simply cannot be run on an individual laptop or smartphone. But you can access them from one. That is the beauty and power of the cloud...

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