What to Expect From IoT, Cloud, Containers, Other Tech Sectors in 2016

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Chris Preimesberger.

Yes, we know: The window of opportunity—mid-December to mid-January—is closing for IT publications to publish interesting and/or thought-provoking predictions for the year ahead. We at eWEEK have published during the last several weeks a number of articles and slide shows that look back at last year and ahead to what 2016 will bring, talking about the different sectors of IT and even looking at prospects for the more distant future.

They always seem to spur imaginations. However, looking through our substantial bank of submissions, we found that there are still a few compelling ones that didn't make it into print earlier and that are thought-provoking enough to use here. Topic areas that seem to be consistent among predictors for 2016 are security issues (always), the rise of the Internet of things (IoT), the rapid increase in the deployment of container-based systems and the continued skyrocketing amount of data in general. Contributors to this eWEEK slide show include thought leaders from several industry sectors...

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