VMware to Work With Oracle to Use ACE Best Practices for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

Grazed from VMware and Oracle.

Today at Oracle OpenWorld, VMware announced Oracle will use ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise) best practices to help deliver secure enterprise applications to mobile devices. The Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, which includes the Mobile Application Framework, will be compatible with the ACE approach.

ACE is an enterprise mobility management (EMM)-neutral community focused on providing education and best practices around native operating system capabilities to drive a more consistent, open and simple way to configure and secure mobile apps and drive mobile adoption in business. AirWatch is one of the founding companies of ACE.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is an enterprise-quality Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), and provides easy to use tools for business professionals to analyze and mine data about usage of the MBaaS. It simplifies and secures the process of connecting mobile applications to enterprise systems and other cloud services.

Oracle Mobile Application Framework is a hybrid framework that enables developers to rapidly develop single-source applications for both Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. Oracle Mobile Application Framework leverages Java, HTML5 and JavaScript to deliver a complete mobile framework with declarative user interface definition, device features integration and built-in security. Oracle Mobile Application Framework provides a visual and declarative development experience and maximizes code reuse resulting in faster development of mobile applications.

Adoption of ACE best practices is intended for a future release of Oracle Mobile Application Framework.

For more information on ACE, visit appconfigforenterprise.org.

"Oracle is pleased to help provide customers with the ability to more simply deploy and use mobile apps in the enterprise. This is a crucial step in the next generation of business mobility and best practices like those recommended by ACE, simplify deployment and increase user adoption, which is key. Together with VMware, we look forward to helping transform enterprise mobile app adoption." - Chris Tonas, vice president, Mobility and Development Tools, Oracle

"Oracle's use of ACE is a tremendous validation to the community's effort to drive best practices for app development across operating systems. With Oracle Mobile Application Framework-based apps developed with ACE best practices, thousands of additional users will be able to get one-tap access to enterprise resources. Working with Oracle and other leaders in the space, we'll continue to set the stage for the next generation of application configuration and access in the enterprise." - Noah Wasmer, vice president and CTO, End-User Computing, VMware