Velostrata 2.0 Accelerates Enterprise Cloud Adoption

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Velostrata, the leader in cloud workload mobility, today announced Velostrata 2.0, with new capabilities that significantly simplify, speed and de-risk cloud migration. Velostrata's agentless, streaming-based mobility software has always made it easy to extend the data center to take advantage of cloud compute capacity on-demand, but now adds the ability to fully move applications and their data to the cloud. Velostrata 2.0 also comes with additional support for Microsoft Azure, complementing existing AWS support and providing multi-cloud flexibility and anti lock-in. In addition, Velostrata today announced $17.5M in Series B funding led by strategic investor Intel Capital, with participation from existing investors Norwest Venture Partners and 83 North. 

"Enterprises are continuing to adopt a public cloud strategy, however adoption has yet to reach its potential, given the complexity and risk of data loss or downtime during the actual workload migration period," said Terri McClure, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "By decoupling the storage from compute and allowing these components to migrate independently, while maintaining performance and availability, Velostrata is taking out a lot of the complexity and risk, enabling enterprises to make that leap to the cloud quickly and simply."


Simplified and Smart Cloud Migration

Unlike replication-based migration methods, Velostrata's software uniquely decouples compute from storage without sacrificing performance. Velostrata's streaming and caching allows applications to be operational in the public cloud within minutes, while storage is migrated in the background. Velostrata Smart Migration is agentless, making it far simpler to deploy, and automatically adapts workloads for the target cloud, requiring no changes to virtual machine images, storage or even management processes. Benefits of Smart Migration include:

  • Improved Business Agility: Migrate compute in minutes while intelligently streaming data in the background, enable workload mobility across cloud regions without the need to move storage, and support dev/test projects on demand, without inflating storage requirements on-premises
  • Reduced Costs: Eliminate data centers by migrating enterprise applications to the public cloud; reduce opex costs by simplifying and accelerating the migration process.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency: Leverage the same in house management tools and processes currently in use. Simplify movement of complex multi-tier applications using Velostrata Runbook Automation, allowing for mass operations with scheduled orchestration.
  • Mitigated Security and Compliance Risks: Gain full control over where data resides (on-premises, in the public cloud or some combination), as data is encrypted in motion and at rest.

Velostrata Smart Migration is especially ideal for stateful workloads like ERP, Collaboration, Middleware, OLTP, Oracle and MS-SQL databases, and compilers. By leveraging real-time streaming of data-rich workloads, applications can be fully operational in cloud within minutes, avoiding the need to fully replicate and then synchronize data prior to running, which could take days if not weeks.

"We tested Velostrata for potential use, including for the migration of workloads from our on-premises data center to Azure," said Brian Lane, enterprise architect, Core Platforms at British American Tobacco. "For us, a key element of Velostrata is that it makes it possible to test before you migrate, so we could validate performance and capacity requirements in Azure first, then migrate the data seamlessly and transparently whenever we were ready."

Leveraging Public Cloud for Dev/Test

As development teams become more agile, IT and DevOps must be more responsive to the increased pace and changing business needs of their organization. Many IS organizations are looking to the public cloud for its scalability and flexible consumption model which can help them avoid costly overprovisioning of their data centers, and to adapt more quickly to the changing needs of a company. With support for cloud dev/test, Velostrata 2.0 uniquely helps organizations build and scale on-premises development and testing environments to the cloud. Typically, with testing environments, it is possible to run tests in parallel and therefore improve time to market for product development. Users can now further benefit from a cloud-based solution, allowing them to spin as many parallel environments as needed, without investing in additional on-premises infrastructure. Velostrata capabilities for dev/test include:

  • Instantly provision, move or clone any workload at any scale: Run any workload in the cloud in minutes, without any planning or preparation, such as image modification or replication. Velostrata's intelligent streaming engine remotely boots the workload natively in the cloud, then streams and caches only the storage the workload requires.
  • Leverage the Velostrata Runbook Automation toolset to easily run, clone and move complex test pod definitions with multiple application components. Integrate with automation scripts, 3rd party orchestration tools and job schedulers to extend Dev/Ops efficiency to cloud.
  • Clone an entire application setup to the cloud: Create a thin copy for a current live application, move it to public cloud within minutes, regardless of dataset size and with no interference to the production application on-premises
  • Clone an entire application setup to the cloud, while retaining the same network configuration: Run multiple, identical copies of an environment in the cloud.

"Enterprises would like to take advantage of cloud agility, but migrating data-rich applications to the cloud can more often than not be complex, slow and carry a high risk of failure," said Ady Degany, co-founder and chief product officer at Velostrata. "Our goal is to simplify public cloud adoption. With Velostrata 2.0, we've included smart migration and dev/test, therefore enabling companies to quickly move workloads to AWS or Azure, while keeping storage on-premises."

Product Information and Availability

A free trial of Velostrata 2.0 is now available at For more information on the company and product, please visit