U.S. cloud vendors adjust to Snowden effect, Privacy Shield

Grazed from CIO. Author: Clint Boulton.

When whistleblower Edward Snowden shocked the world in 2013 by revealing that the NSA was allegedly siphoning data from U.S. internet companies, pundits proclaimed that winter was coming for American cloud vendors in Europe. Evidence now suggests those fears may have been overblown.

IDC said this month that U.S. cloud vendors have increased their combined cloud infrastructure revenue two-and-a-half-times in Western Europe, topping $2 billion since the Snowden Effect was supposed to freeze the market. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Alphabet’s Google and IBM increased their market share by a third in the region, hitting 40 percent in 2015...

AWS's cloud picture is rosy, even in Europe

AWS, with its $11 billion revenue run rate in 2016 and market dominance, has steadily increased its geographic footprint, operating data centers in 13 regions, with 35 availability zones. "We'll continue to roll out more regions, giving you local access and local access to your customers as well," Werner Vogels, CTO at AWS, said during his keynote at AWS' customer event in New York City last month...

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