Top 5 Things to Know about Storing Information in the Cloud

Grazed from BusinessWorld. Author: Editorial Staff.

Although the idea of storing information in the cloud is far from new, many people still wonder about the wisdom of storing corporate data on something so ethereal. Ironically, many business people have a strong opinion about the dangers of using the cloud that is not based on fact or personal experience. In truth, using the cloud can free up your business from many of the limitations associated with on-premise infrastructures. Here are five things you should know about storing information on the cloud to give you a balanced perspective on cloud computing.

1. Cloud security

While a provider might provide cloud security measures like anti-malware, intrusion prevention, a host firewall, integrity monitoring, and log inspection, you still have to do your part to ensure that your data is secure. Unfortunately, many Don’t know what to make of technology and are often unaware that security measures require user participation. It’s up to you to define the level of privacy you consider important and you do have to follow through on security measures like using the two-step verification method that involves sending an SMS code to your mobile phone...

These steps may be inconvenient and cumbersome, but they are necessary. In addition, avoid using easy passwords that you can remember like birthdays, social security numbers, phone numbers or your pet’s names. Instead use software that encrypts passwords into a random assortment of letters, numbers, and symbols...

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