TechDemocracy Announces IT Risk Management Platform for Amazon Web Services

TechDemocracy announced that its flagship platform, Intellicta, is now optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS), letting boards of directors and senior management teams bridge the visibility gaps across their compliance, security, risk and governance functions, all while merging their enterprise security silos with AWS.

Intellicta's unique Digital Risk Management (DRM) Assurance framework offers the capability of getting a proactive and comprehensive view of the overall cybersecurity resilience and all-inclusive dashboard across each service and application within the Amazon Cloud.

Under the AWS shared responsibility model, Intellicta provides 360 degrees of visibility when it comes to various threat vectors that arise in the areas of infrastructure security; access control; logging and monitoring; configuration and vulnerability analysis; and data loss prevention. It also performs an in-depth analysis on the effectiveness of existing cyber risk and compliance solutions and offers a consolidated view of enterprise risk posture.

With over 200 unique situations and security controls that can be deployed on day one to continuously monitor the effectiveness of AWS security posture, Intellicta provides full visibility and transparency over AWS infrastructure and configuration. Intellicta's extensive integration with the AWS cloud infrastructure also bridges the gap between cloud and on-premises networks.

By using Intellicta, business leaders can better answer the question of "Are we secure enough?"

"Risk measurement has never been more important, yet more poorly understood," said Ken Pfeil, chief architect of TechDemocracy and a former CISO. "C-suites and boards of directors want to ascertain their operational and financial exposure to risk but are drowning in metrics that are not properly quantified nor communicated to them in business terms. The Intellicta dashboard addresses that head on."

According to Matthias Reinwarth of global analyst company KuppingerCole, Intellicta is a representative of a "highly ambitious and innovative new software category."

"[TechDemocracy's] product and its underlying conceptual framework will be appealing for larger enterprises with the need to correlate existing compliance, risk, security and governance functions into a flexible, unified assurance model proving a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment, including scoring," wrote Reinwarth in the recently released "Executive Report: TechDemocracy Intellicta," which establishes KuppingerCole's strong recommendation of including TechDemocracy's Intellicta platform when "designing and implementing enterprise-wide solutions for the continuous assessment and management of compliance, risk, security and governance."

Amongst the various strengths cataloged in the report is Intellicta's capability of being deployed either on premise or in the cloud, which allows for individual platform design options. Also highlighted in the report is Intellicta's ability to be built upon existing corporate enterprise software-thus leveraging existing enterprise expertise.

With Intellicta, TechDemocracy was also identified as one of only 18 companies qualifying and meeting Gartner's ITRM Critical Capabilities, as listed in Gartner's inaugural "Critical Capabilities for IT Risk Management (ITRM) Solutions" report.

More information on Intellicta's optimization with AWS is available here.