Study Shows Small Businesses Are Doubling Profits by Switching to Cloud Computing

Grazed from Author: Rick Delgado.

Are you a cloud supporter or a cloud skeptic? That’s the divide many businesses are facing as cloud computing continues to gain in popularity. While cloud supporters maintain that it can provide numerous benefits for companies, cloud skeptics say it presents too many issues surrounding security and data ownership.

These issues are of particular concern for small businesses since they usually operate with limited budgets and resources. But what do real world results say about the effectiveness of using the cloud? Luckily, a new study has recently been released detailing how small businesses are using the cloud to great success. It shows that those who remain skeptical of the cloud might be missing out on some golden opportunities to expand their businesses and earn a lot more money...

Could Cloud Computing Double Your Profits?

The study, which was conducted by Exact, a software company, and Pb7 Research, found some surprising things...

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