The REAL State of Cloud

Grazed from Author: Greg Knieriemen

Private clouds are a waste of money and hybrid clouds are mistaken investments.

That's what Lydia Leong of Gartner says anyway.

With no published end-user research other than a conference straw poll, the Gartner cloud myth is that there is just one way to "cloud." If it's not a public cloud (and presumably an AWS public cloud) then you are just wasting your time and money drinking the Kool-Aid of legacy vendors.

Missing in the Gartner hyperbole, of course, is any quantitative end-user research of how cloud resources are being used or how businesses value IT and cloud resources. The debate is no longer about which cloud to use: public vs. private vs. hybrid. It's a false argument that presumes there is only one way to "cloud." It doesn't consider how businesses value, use and consume cloud resources.

The more important question is not "which," but "when": When public, when private and when hybrid? This is where actual research and some data are needed for context...

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