The problem with cloud service providers and security SLAs

Grazed from ComputerWorld. Author: Joe Clabby.

In recent discussions with several professional service providers including ViON (a Washington-based systems integrator), BRUNS-PAK (a data center deployment firm), Google (the search engine/cloud services provider), as well as conversations with former employees of professional services firms, I have developed some interesting new insights – particularly with respect to cloud security.

I’m finding that these firms and individuals possess a wealth of information on industry trends – as well as deep insights into why information technology (IT) buyers are making certain decisions while discarding other ideas...


People sometimes ask where I get my technology market/trends information. And my response is: “from a number of sources.” These sources include:

  • Client site visits – where I visit enterprise environments and talk with information technology (IT) and line-of-business executives.
  • Trade shows, where I regularly talk to IT buyers, vendors and channel partners.
  • Web sources including vendor websites, technical media, user forums and social media.
  • Briefings from hardware and software vendors.

One important source that I’ve overlooked over the years, however, has been professional service providers. These are the people in the front ranks dealing directly with customer strategies, issues and implementations – and, as such, are an excellent source of trend information...

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