Navigating the Politics of the Cloud

Grazed from eCommerce Times.  Author:  Jeffrey M. Kaplan.

The only topic getting more attention in the tech industry than the Cloud is the debate over the future implications of the upcoming US presidential election. And, in many ways the two topics are intimately intertwined. Both are being propelled by plenty of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

Fear about the current state of affairs is driving many voters to consider changing presidents in the same way that fear about escalating competition and rising end-user and customer demands is driving many CXOs to consider Cloud alternatives...

Political Parallels

Today's economic uncertainty is also fueling the political debate surrounding the competing presidential campaigns and pushing CXOs to evaluate the Cloud options which can not only reduce operating expenses but also produce new innovations and competitive advantages.  Yet, doubt still permeates many complacent voters who question whether either candidate can make a difference in the same way many cynics in the tech industry are convinced that the Cloud is just the latest over-hyped term to overtake the marketplace.

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