Navigating the Cloud API with IT Vendors

Grazed from MidsizeInsider. Author: Daniel Cawrey.

IT solutions have always gone through some degree of customization, and the cloud application programming interface (API) is an up-to-date example of this. Software-based solutions for IT infrastructure mean that vendors must offer increased flexibility. A recent article on ZDNet notes the ease of using cloud API.

As is par for the course, technology for businesses continually changes. Cloud computing allows vendors to sell IT prepackaged services with a different type of delivery. Midsize organizations often have the upper hand with cloud vendors. Options have increased, and cloud software has become more powerful than ever before...

Software Development

API-based solutions involve an increased reliance on software. Midsize IT might be spending more time developing and deploying customized cloud solutions; this depends, to a large degree, on specific cloud APIs. When vendors sell a new solution, they must have good answers about security, reliability and testing because what cloud vendors are selling these days is not just a packaged product...

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