Microsoft in talks about "Humanitarian Cloud" project

Grazed from The Seattle Times.  Author:  Janet Tu.

A number of tech companies including F5 Networks, Hewlett-Packard and VMWare are participating in a pilot project launching today called the "Humanitarian Cloud."


The project, being presented today at the Social Innovation Summit at the United Nations Plaza in New York City, is designed to give nonprofit organizations the ability to share applications, services and IT support using cloud computing technologies. The idea is that nonprofits who participate may be able to save money on capital, hardware, software and IT support costs and allow them to access cloud apps from a variety of devices, according to the initiative's website...

"The Humanitarian Cloud was created to meet the technology needs of non-profit organizations by offering traditional cloud services such as disaster recovery, virtual servers, virtual storage and e-mail archiving," according to a statement from F5, which is providing intelligent traffic management for the service. "The program reflects our desire to create meaningful change in the community."

Microsoft hasn't committed to anything specific with the project yet, though it's begun initial discussions with project organizers.

"Given our strong commitment to bringing the benefits of cloud computing to the nonprofit sector, we believe it has great potential," said Akhtar Badshah, Microsoft's senior director of global community affairs,