Layered Interleaving - Securing Storage of Data in the Cloud

Grazed from ijset. Author: S. Malcom and D. Dhayalan.

The storage of data and information in Cloud has many challenges in designing that has been profound influence on the performance of the system. The biggest issue when storing data in Cloud is that the verification of data integrity at untrustedserver. The verifier’s role has two categories: private access ability and public access ability.

The private access ability scheme achieves high efficient, while the public access ability allows anyone, not only the data owner, to challenge the correctness of data storage when it has no private information in the server. The major concern in this scheme is secure and effective in dynamic operations on data blocks...

Remotely stored data in the Cloud, not only can be accessed but also can be updated by the clients. The remote storage of data mainly focuses only on static data files, so there is a limitation in the dynamic data updates. The perspective of securing data which has always been an important in the quality of service, Cloud Computing gives number of reasons for it could not control the many new challenging security threats...

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