ISC Cloud’12 Focuses on Use of Clouds for HPC and Big Data

Grazed from Scientific Computing.  Author: PR Announcement.

On September 24 to 25, 2012, cloud computing experts from around the world will gather in Mannheim, Germany, bringing a range of experience and perspectives on how to reduce the complexity of high-performance computing and the barrier for research and development by switching to cloud computing. This year’s conference also will address the topic of Big Data.

“HPC utilization is becoming increasingly complex and a new trend emerges almost every year. There’s multicore and manycore, scaling up and out, big data, digital manufacturing and the missing middle, green computing, and HPC in the Cloud,” said ISC Cloud General Chair Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch, an international expert in HPC and Grids who now brings his expertise to the clouds. “What the end-user is really looking for is research flexibility, easy access to HPC, reduced management overhead, and possibilities to extend the existing and limited HPC infrastructure.”...


Now, Big Data adds another level of complexity to both HPC and the cloud. The traditional paradigm of store, compute and report does not cost-effectively scale with the challenge of gathering, managing and analyzing the big data generated from compute-and data-intensive applications or from exponentially growing data sources, such as experimental facilities and scientific instruments.

Around 15 leading experts from academia, research and industry will present their experience and perspectives on HPC and Big Data to 200 attendees. The discussions will include topics such as how to bring massive amounts of data nearer to the computing resources, as well as moving the resource to where the data is generated.

ISC Cloud’12 is the third conference in the series and is presented by the same organization that hosts the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), now in its 27th year. This year’s conference will target members of the HPC community, especially decision makers in small, medium and large enterprises and in research.
The key topics of this conference are:
• Industrial Clouds - Best Practices
• Research Clouds - User Experiences
• Engineering Clouds - Commercial Software in the Cloud
• Big Data Cloud Computing
• Panel: HPC Cloud Challenges
• Workshop: HPC on Amazon Web Services
• Vendor Panel with our Conference Sponsors
• Interactive BoFs on Hot Topics of HPC and Big Data in the Cloud
• ISC Cloud Exhibition

This year, the ISC Cloud conference also will host a tabletop exhibition alongside the conference, giving attendees an opportunity to discuss specific requirements with our event sponsors. For a tailor-made sponsorship opportunity, contact Ms. Anna Schachoff at
Registration is now open
ISC Cloud’12 will be held Monday, September 24, and Tuesday, September 25, at the Dorint Hotel in Mannheim. Registration is now open. A reduced advance registration fee of EUR 350 is valid until September 14. Participation is limited, and interested attendees are encouraged to register as early as possible. Visit for further information.