How to choose the best cloud for your app

 Grazed from InfoWorld.  Author: Pete Johnson.

How should I match the applications in my portfolio with the most appropriate cloud? This question is becoming increasingly common in enterprise IT organizations today, and it can be difficult to answer. Often the decision depends on the sensitivity of the data within the application. At other times, public versus private cloud considerations are paramount. Other factors influencing the decision include business goals and whether or not speed or price must be optimized.

Of course, performance and cost are difficult to measure, and comparing across clouds is hardly straightforward. This article illustrates a methodology and test that CliQr uses to help customers weigh these considerations and make a decision on which of the most popular clouds -- Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform -- and instances will be best for a set of sample applications...
The caveats
Enterprise cloud management platform CliQr CloudCenter was used to conduct this set of black-box tests. Each application described below was modeled using CliQr’s Application Profile mechanism, which configures the various application tiers in a consistent manner across different cloud platforms. In addition to providing governance (that is, who is allowed to deploy what applications where) and metering (how much they spent) capabilities, CliQr CloudCenter includes a black-box benchmarking capability that deploys each application on a target cloud, imparts load upon it using JMeter, and graphs the throughput (the number of transactions per second) against each cloud’s hourly cost of the configuration in question...

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