A Flow Sensitive Security Model for Cloud Computing Systems

Grazed from Cornell. Author: Wen Zeng, Chunyan Mu, Maciej Koutny, Paul Watson.

The extent and importance of cloud computing is rapidly increasing due to the ever increasing demand for internet services and communications. Instead of building individual information technology infrastructure to host databases or software, a third party can host them in its large server clouds. Large organizations may wish to keep sensitive information on their more restricted servers rather than in the public cloud.

This has led to the introduction of federated cloud computing (FCC) in which both public and private cloud computing resources are used. A federated cloud is the deployment and management of multiple cloud computing services with the aim of matching business needs. Large number of data and services are required to be allocated in different clouds for business concerns, which creates security risks, due to the operational independence of clouds and their geographic distribution...

As a result, it is very hard for an organization to track and control the information flow in the system. It is therefore necessary to develop a formal model describing the information flow security within a federated cloud system (FCS), making the information and data traceable...

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