European project seeks to use the cloud to spot road hazards

Grazed from FleetOwner. Author: Sean Kilcarr.

European traffic location and navigation provider HERE is spearheading an interesting project in Finland, one that seeks to use cloud computing to help vehicles spot a variety of road hazards well before a human driver can see them. This pilot project, expected to start in 2016, intends to assess the capability of current and emerging mobile network and location cloud technologies to transmit critical road safety information in real-time to vehicles, such as black ice, an animal on the highway, sudden traffic build-up, or an accident.

George Filley, who heads HERE’s digital transportation infrastructure program, said in a statement that his company is being tasked by the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) and Trafi, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, to lead this pilot – called Coop – and will work together with traffic information management service company Infotripla in implementing it...

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