E8 Storage Launches First Software Only Product to Power NVMe Storage Solution

Written by David Marshall

Today, E8 Storage launched its new E8 Storage Software only product offering, available for a selected range of pre-qualified servers from vendors such as Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Powering the company's high-performance, high-availability shared NVMe storage solutions, the E8 Storage Software is now available as a software only purchase for customers to install on their supported hardware of choice.

"Enterprises require ever faster infrastructure to handle both new and existing applications, and meeting that need can be complex and expensive," said Tim Stammers, Senior Analyst, Storage, 451 Research.  "E8 Storage is pioneering the use of NVMe flash and a software-defined architecture to address this problem. Allowing customers to run E8 Storage's software on their choice of commodity hardware increases their ability to control costs, as well as making deployments more flexible."

Today's announcement marks a natural expansion of the company's go-to-market strategy, which is to extract the full potential from its innovative high-performance storage software architecture and open hardware appliances, and give its users a wider choice of how to use the E8 Storage software.

E8 Storage customers can now choose to purchase the E8 Storage Software separately or as an integrated E8 Storage system, should they wish to opt for an appliance-led solution. Bought independently, the E8 Storage Software enables businesses to utilize hardware from their supported vendor of choice, so long as they are on the pre-qualified list. It also allows companies to take advantage of economies of scale from within their own supply chains and purchase new units at a rate and pace to suit their individual, specific needs.

"Although today's announcement is all about making our software more readily available to customers and partners, we will continue to develop and expand of our award-winning appliance-led NVMe enterprise storage solutions to customers who prefer that format," said Zivan Ori, Co-founder and CEO of E8 Storage. "Today we have shown, once again, that is no longer necessary for businesses to invest in racks of expensive proprietary storage hardware to deliver great performance and get the most from their SSD investment."

In addition, E8 Storage channel partners now have the option to install the E8 Storage Software as part of a wider hardware integration project for their customers, increasing their value-add and creating new revenue streams. 

"Enterprise customers are increasingly seeing the need to scale, whilst reducing their storage footprint but still get the best performance. Thanks to E8 Storage's software solution, our customers now have different ways they can purchase the solution," said Quentin Gadd, Sales Manager, VSPL. "We are taking advantage of this unique technology, not only is E8 Storage fully in step with our philosophy of simplified, super-fast, high scalability Data Centre solutions, but there are also outstanding synergies with the rest of our solution stack. We see huge potential to sell a lot of this solution."

The E8 Storage Software enables customers to unleash the performance of NVMe SSDs with no compromises on reliability or availability. Built on recognized industry standards, including Converged Ethernet with RDMA and standard 2.5" NVMe SSDs, the E8 Storage Software connects up to 96 host servers to each E8 Storage controller, each linked concurrently to shared storage to deliver unprecedented petabyte scalability. The E8 Storage Software delivers the high-performance, low latency storage and simplified storage management that customers have come to expect from E8 Storage, making it perfect for real-time analytics, financial and trading applications, business intelligence and transactional processing.


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