A Definitive List of Top Cloud Computing Terminologies

Grazed from BestCloudStorage.net. Author: Mohseen Lala.

Cloud storage isn’t something that is new in the current era of mobility. Businesses are increasingly resorting to the cloud in an effort to reduce deployment and maintenance costs, while avoiding new hardware costs. Most users know what a cloud provider or database is, but there are some technical terms like IaaS, Saas, PaaS and XaaS they aren’t familiar with. We’re here to make sure that’s no longer the case, what follows is an explanation of some common terminologies everyone should know before embracing this fascinating technology.

Top Cloud Computing Terminologies

IaaS: IaaS stands for Infrastructure-as-a-Service, referring to the use of any cloud by a business to store important data. Organizations often invest hugely in infrastructure and servers, spending a lot of money on their maintenance as well. IaaS provides a viable alternative to the traditional method of in-house storage by offering organizations what they needed (hardware wise) at a much lower rate...

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