Creating more personal computing in a mobile-first, cloud-first world

Grazed from TheNation. Author: Ekaraj Panjavinin.

Technology empowers people to do great things. In our early history, Microsoft’s mission was to put a personal computer on every desk and in every home. Today we have 1.5 billion people using Windows in 190 countries around the world, and over 200 million devices are running the best Windows. The launch of Windows 10 marked the first step to an era of more personal computing. With an ever-growing network of connected devices in today's digital world, we believe experiences should be mobile - not just devices.

Apps, services and content should move with you across devices, seamlessly and easily. In our connected and transparent world, we are also aware that people care deeply about the privacy and security of their personal information. We also believe that interacting with technology should be as natural as interacting with people - using touch, voice, pen, gestures and even facial recognition...

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