Commission To Congress Regarding The Cloud: Require Disclosure Of Server Locations

Grazed from Forbes.  Author: Lisa Brownlee.

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) recommended Wednesday that “Congress evaluate existing consumer right-to-know laws to determine whether a cloud-based computing company has an affirmative duty to identify the physical location of its cloud based assets.

” This recommendation came in USCC’s 2015 Annual Report to Congress. USCC Commissioner Michael R. Wessel indicated in an email last night that the impetus behind this recommendation was to enable consumers to make informed choices about data storage/processing risks...
Cloud location transparency and cyber espionage
The recommendation for cloud location transparency came with little discussion about cloud computing in general, in the middle of the Commission’s 630-page report that also proffers five recommendations in its section, Commercial Cyber Espionage and Barriers to Digital Trade in China, including the highly-publicized recommendation that Congress permit U.S. companies that have been hacked to “undertake counter intrusions for the purpose of recovering, erasing, or altering stolen data.” ...

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