Cloud security should be an enterprise priority in 2015

Grazed from DataPipe.  Author:  David Lucky.

With 2015 all but arrived, it's natural for technology experts to offer their predictions for the new year. Oftentimes, these take the form of optimistic forecasts of the new advancements on the horizon. However, sometimes industry professionals acknowledge that the coming months will have their fair share of challenges.

The realm of cloud computing security is a case in point. Writing for InfoWorld, David Linthicum recently highlighted three cloud computing predictions that he would like to see come to fruition in 2015 but which are not likely to reach this point. And the rise of cloud computing security mastery among enterprises was his leading pipe dream. In reality, these companies will continue to rely on managed security services to safely leverage cloud resources in the foreseeable future...

Getting a handle on cloud security

The importance of cloud security is well-established and understood among enterprise leaders, both in the IT department and beyond. At the same time, companies have an even greater appreciation of the need to embrace cloud solutions in order to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and agility while gaining greater capabilities...

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