Cloud recovery challenges

Grazed from ITWeb. Author: Martin May.

Data backup, storage and recovery processes are fundamental services in almost every business. Recent changes in the IT environment, notably the arrival of cloud computing technologies, are responsible for significant advances in traditional data management patterns. Representing one of the most important shifts in computing today, cloud technologies provide greater levels of provisioning and automation, while helping organisations become more flexible and responsive to change.

The cloud has also made a significant impact on companies’ ability to better allocate their computing resources in order to improve application performances, boost efficiencies and reduce operating costs. Companies are under increasing pressure to ensure data backups are performed efficiently and sensitive business data is held in a secure storage repository. Recovery has to be effected faultlessly and reliably against elevated benchmarks for speed, accuracy and completeness...

Backup goals
In order to achieve these goals, organisations have been driven beyond traditional product-centric or device-centric approaches. Today, evolving cloud-based, service-centric data backup, storage and recovery models are gaining in popularity on a global scale...

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