Cloud Computing: Key Considerations for Enterprise Unified Communications

Grazed from TopTechNews.  Author: Shirley Siluk.

With such a variety of unified communications (UC) services now available, enterprise Relevant Products/Services IT managers and telecom directors need to consider a whole host of factors to choose the best option. Let's take a look first at what unified communications can do for your enterprise, and then consider some of the key decision points you may need to address when selecting a UC system or provider.

Starting with the Basics

Unified communications technology enables users to communicate in either real time or non-real time, switching seamlessly from one form of communications to another -- for example, sending an instant message to someone who just left a voicemail. Systems for unified communications also enable users to collaborate more easily across an organization, from department to department, and from one location to multiple others...

Enabled by both the Internet and the cloud Relevant Products/Services, today's UC systems can integrate numerous communication services -- everything from phone calls and voicemail to e-mail, instant messaging and video conferencing -- all via a single network...

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