Cloud computing and the future of networks

Grazed from ITProPortal. Author: Dirk Paessler.

Cloud computing, network virtualisation and on-demand technology services are changing how we think about IT. If these new services become as ubiquitous as predicted we could see companies accessing their IT services remotely, at the expense of their own IT infrastructure and applications.

If this happens, the thinking goes, the importance of the Local Area Network and the IT administrator could diminish as well. It’s not worth saying the last rites over the LAN and IT administrator just yet, though. There’s no denying that times are changing and the increasing use of cloud computing will mean a shift in ICT practices...

Cloud allows flexibility, efficiency and can be employed for so many tasks that we will certainly see a transition on some level. But arguably the uptake of cloud will not be on the scale, or at the speed, that is predicted. Nor will it fundamentally change the IT administration role in the way that some assume.

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