A Better Way To Integrate Saas Services And Marketplaces

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Ayo Omojola.

Since starting Hipmob, we’ve tried to make it easy to use us along with the other tools that you use. With that in mind, we have over three dozen integrations with services as varied as Zendesk, Salesforce, to Shopify. Some have been more successful than others in terms of lead generation, general awareness and revenue, but in polling our fellow founders, we’ve discovered that the ROI for integrations in general is pretty low.

Most integrations seem to be more useful when you’re lucky to have a customer that uses both your product and the partner’s product. Otherwise it’s a hard sell. In our experience though, this is a huge missed opportunity; to make customers happy, to drive leads on both sides of the table, and to drive forward the cause of APIs as a whole...

So, if integrations are part of your strategy, or your company has an API and has built an app/partner marketplace on top of it, here are some ideas, ranging from the technical to the mundane, that will drive value for you, your partners, and your users...

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