Are You Ready to Transition to Mobile and Cloud Technologies?

Grazed from SysCon. Author: Sanjay Zalavadia.

In recent years, quality assurance teams have become accustomed to a variety of new technologies. It has been a big change for the many quality assurance analysts who came of age at a time when waterfall development methodologies and PC-centric applications were their front and center concerns.

Now they have to adjust to the realities of cloud computing and the ever-expanding mobile device ecosystem. A lot of infrastructures, development platforms and applications are being shifted off-premises to public and private clouds, while the device mix at many enterprises is becoming more diverse. Let's consider some of the developments that are currently afoot:...

Cloud is becoming a more popular option for testing, development and deployment

The last decade has seen a surge in awareness and uptake of cloud computing, which can be broadly defined as the use of computing, storage and networking resources over an IP network. Platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have picked up millions of business users...

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