Amazon Cost Explorer Provides Deeper Insight Into Cloud Spending

Grazed from DataCenterKnowledge. Author: Jason Verge.

Amazon Web Services has introduced Cost Explorer, a tool for managing spending on its cloud computing platform. It features reporting, analytics, and visualization tools to help Amazon users track and manage their costs. Pre-configured views and filters give customers control over how they view their spending and also offers an opportunity for further cost cutting through optimizing, right after the recent big overall price cuts.

Cost Explorer is integrated with the AWS Billing Console launched in November. It will be a welcome addition, as it’s not always transparent for some customers as to how much they’re spending, where the spending is coming from, and ways to cut those costs – unless they use third party tools...

  • Monthly Spend by Service: See where money is going, helps identify opportunity to save by changing usage patterns, or taking advantage of service-specific pricing options
  • Monthly Spend Linked by Account: This is not just a clever name, it helps you track spending by your linked accounts. The master paying account sees where all the money is going while the linked accounts see only their spending...

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