4 tips for buying cloud management software

Grazed from Network World. Author: Brandon Butler.

Managing clouds can be a challenge given that virtual machines and storage are running in two different environments simultaneously. A crowded industry of cloud management platforms (CMP) has emerged to help. Gartner Research Director Mindy Cancila says the CMP market is young and maturing; customers should understand the limitations of various options. Here are four tips from Cancila for organizations considering cloud management products.

IaaS needs its own tools

Many organizations began their cloud journey by using SaaS tools like Office 365, Salesforce or some other business planning software. These SaaS platforms may require some new skills, but customers don’t usually need to purchase a whole new management platform to use them. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is different...

Consuming cloud-based virtual machines, storage, databases and other services is such a complex issue that Cancila says users can benefit greatly from using a dedicated management platform for IaaS, especially if they’re managing a hybrid cloud computing environment...

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