2015 Tech Forecast: Clouds, Wearables, Cybersecurity

Grazed from Investors.  Author: Patrick Seitz.

In tech, 2015 will be big for: wearables, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and, alas, cybersecurity problems.  The year kicks off with the giant International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where wearable devices — from smartwatches and activity trackers to body-worn cameras and computer glasses — will be a major focus.

The four-day conference starts Tuesday. But one much-anticipated wearable will not be at the show, Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) Apple Watch.
The Apple Watch, unveiled by Apple CEO Tim Cook at an October event, is slated for release in early 2015...

The Apple Watch smartwatch, due out early in the year, is expected to be a catalyst for the emerging product category. So far, the category has been defined mostly by fitness bands from Fitbit, Jawbone and others. The Apple Watch will have fitness capabilities, but also will link wirelessly to iPhones to display news, messages and more...

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