EverData introduces Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Services in Europe

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Everdata Technologies recently introduced VPS services in Europe. Everdata Technologies which is one of India's fastest growing Web Hosting companies because of their promising services, holds the aim to provide the best out of available resources. The company holds a goodwill in data center industry due to its innovative and out of the box thinking capacity and premium customer support. The freshly launched VPS services in Europe will empower European clients to enjoy benefits of VPS at an affordable cost with a guarantee of premium aftersale support.

They also have their privately managed premium data centers in Germany and Netherland that offers faster speed and better stability, promising to enrich the user experience of the European audience.

The company has launched 5 business-friendly VPS Europe hosting plans with honest prices, fast speed, stable performance and reliable support 24X7X365.

Five Advantages of VPS Server

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Businesses need their own website to increase their online presence. Having a good and professional web hosting is necessary to have a high digital visibility. The trends in web hosting have evolved over time and now companies have many options to choose from.

With growing development, VPS servers have gained recognition. Companies and individuals are choosing virtual private servers and hosting due to the benefits it offers. Such technology has proved to be highly beneficial especially for companies. It absolutely makes sense why many organizations are shifting towards such facility. Here are five benefits listed:

High flexibility

VMKings Provides Fast, Uncomplicated Virtual Private Servers for Developers in Minutes

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VMKings, a cloud provider for developers, today launched its VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting solution. Due to the private nature of the VPS technology, developers can now be the administrators of their solution without having to worry about maintenance. VPS is customizable, can be upgraded instantaneously, and scaled to match user needs.

Cloud Computing for Developers, By Developers
While other cloud solution providers (CSPs) offer generalized services to all sectors, VMKings, created by a team of highly skilled software developers, targets the software research and development industry with specialized offerings catered to the needs and requirements of the developer community.

"As developers, we saw the industry lacked a solution that catered to the varying workloads of development environments we maintained. A standard virtual server was often provided too much or too little space than was required," said Walid Elemary, vice president, VMKings. "Sometimes we had to add additional security layers, or an acquired server wouldn't support the Linux OS we utilized for projects. Other times there wasn't enough throughput available, or a slow network hindered our ability to meet deadlines. These challenges resulted in delayed output, added project costs, lower margins, and a lot of embarrassment."

ZerOne Hosting Launches New Cloud Control Panel for Linux and Windows VPS Hosting Services

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ZerOne Hosting's Linux and Windows VPS Hosting plans are now available with a new Cloud Control Panel. The new control panel offers to all clients the convenience of distributing their resources on multiple VPS servers in whichever way they need them to be configured. Clients only need to buy their resources, starting from 2GB RAM and 1 vCPU core and scaling up to 128GB RAM and 24 vCPU cores, and then distribute them on as many VPS servers they need.

For example, a client with the wVPS 12 plan could create 3 Windows VPS servers, all with different RAM, vCPU and SSD disk configurations.

New VPS Hosting Technology Set to Increase Speed and Reliability of Australian Websites

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Advances in VPS hosting technology and the decreasing cost of solid-state hard drives are set to allow Australian businesses to increase the speed and reliability of their websites without blowing their budgets.

Allowing disk access up to 100 times faster, with failover redundancy and cloud-based infrastructure, VPSBlocks new offering of VPS (Virtual Private Server) Cloud Hosting with SSD (solid-state-drives) is surprisingly affordable.

“For comparable prices to regular Australian VPS hosting, we can provide a solution to Australian businesses that provides vastly increased speed and reliability” --Will Kruss, CEO of VPSBlocks – the Australian web host offering the new technology.

DigitalOcean Launches Over 400 Virtual Private Servers Per Day in the Cloud

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DigitalOcean, a New York based Cloud Hosting provider has recently announced their new $5 dollar a month virtual private server plan. Dedicated to building the easiest cloud hosting platform available, DigitalOcean is offering the subscribers of the new cloud server plan with 20GB disk space, 256MB Memory, automated back-ups, and free unlimited bandwidth.

With the new $5 a month plan, DigitalOcean expects to speed up its already rapid growth. Its hosting solutions have received a stunning reception among developers and startups. Over 7,000 virtual private servers have been launched just within the past few months and they are launching more than 400 servers per day at the time of this press release.

FortaTrust Announces Free VPS Cloud Servers for Technology Professionals

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FortaTrust, a leading provider of dedicated and cloud computing services, has announced its Free VPS Program. “This program is designed to provide Technology Professionals with the opportunity to become familiar with our VPS Cloud Servers in a production environment, and have the ability to use them at their discretion for their internal operations,” said Octavio Diaz, FortaTrust’s Director of Industry Relations.

The Free VPS Program for Technology Professionals: