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dinCloud Introduces New Clutter-Free Virtual Desktop

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dinCloud, a cloud platform for hosted workspaces and cloud infrastructure, today introduced dinWorkspace, the company's new breed of hosted workspaces, which allows users to connect natively to a Microsoft Windows Desktop without the need for connection brokers or other third-party components. This eliminates the need for third party applications or "clutter" and reduces both cost and complexity. Furthermore, bug related and compatibility issues are additionally reduced, offering an improved and more efficient user experience (UX).

Rethinking the Virtual Desktop Experience

"For years, people have been lured by the attraction of the big software companies, overlooking the layers of complexity that comes with implementing traditional VDI in-house. VDI users were forced to go to a third party, who not only added their proprietary software, but other layers of technology just to connect to a virtual desktop," said Ali Din, general manager and CMO at dinCloud. "Our new hosted workspace removes these extra pieces by connecting natively to Microsoft, without third party components or third-party concocted protocols."

Global Cloud-based VDI Market 2014-2018 New Research Report Available at

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The security of the data and applications is one of the major concerns for enterprises. With many enterprises adopting virtualized computing infrastructure and hosting their data and applications over the cloud infrastructure, there is a need for security features to be incorporated as a part of the enterprise infrastructure.

The VDI solution providers are providing better security features as a part of the solutions, which is leading to higher adoption of these solutions by enterprises and end-users. The communication networks are being enabled with data encoding, which enables secure transmission of data from one point to another. Security features are being provided independent of the underlying hardware configuration, which is another positive factor leading to higher adoption...

Cisco and Citrix Extend Partnership into Networking, Cloud and Mobility

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Today at Citrix Synergy, the conference where mobile workstyles and cloud services meet, Cisco and Citrix announced a significant expansion of their successful desktop virtualization partnership into three strategic areas: cloud networking, cloud orchestration, and mobile workstyles. 
Cisco and Citrix believe the IT industry is on the verge of the next major architectural transition: the mobile-cloud era. To help enterprise and service provider customers capture the market transition and transform their business models, Cisco and Citrix will collaborate to unify best-of-breed technologies into innovative solutions for the mobile-cloud era. 


Synchronizing The Cloud: The Rise Of HTML5 And WebDesktop Platforms

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The new kid on the block is a rather interesting one known as personal cloud computing. It is a contradictory statement because as it allows one to cultivate individual freedom with one’s device, it also taps into a plethora of public resources in remote servers. In other words, while it helps to personalize individual pleasures, it uses multi-device networking as the stepping stone.

The WebDesktop is a classic example of this platform: it allows users to manage software functions online and offline without having to set up any programs. It also helps to synchronize apps in computers and stats in cell phones devoid of any brand restrictions because they are all open source. Need one say that it helps to run simultaneous gadgets on the desktop because unlimited space is on the web? That marks it public face. The personal face lies in the simple fact that it synchronizes all functions that an individual with an affinity for infotainment would require without buying expensive equipment. One can play live games, trade in futures, network and do virtually everything that personality can allow...

NetApp and Desktone Deliver Secure, Multi-Tenant Desktops as a Service for Service Providers

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NetApp and Desktone, Inc., announced today a solution that simplifies the delivery of virtual desktops as a service (DaaS). The solution helps service providers avoid the common challenges of virtual desktop deployment by reducing startup costs, removing design and management complexity, and improving performance. With this solution, service providers can rapidly deploy a full-featured service that enables their customers to easily reap the benefits of virtual desktops such as supporting mobile users, reducing the cost of desktop support, helping to safeguard intellectual property, and supporting user demand for "bring your own device policies" policies.

The new service, built specifically for cloud delivery environments, features technology that enables a single infrastructure to be elastically scalable and cost efficient. Security is designed in at the application, network, and storage layers to help maintain the privacy of customers' data.

ZeroDesktop and Marvell Bring Virtual Web Desktop Alternative to Android Devices

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ZeroDesktop, Inc., a leading developer of next-generation personal Cloud Operating System and Cloud Service Brokerage solutions, today announced its collaboration with Marvell, a world leader in the development of storage, communications and consumer silicon solutions, to integrate ZeroDesktop's personal Cloud OS infrastructure with Marvell's system-on-chip (SoC) technology. The combined solution in the innovative Android-based virtual web desktop device is cost-effective and an all-in-one solution for public and private cloud computing.

ZeroDesktop's Cloud Operating System provides access to thousands of users from a single server and eliminates the need to invest in multiple PCs, expensive maintenance and infrastructure costs. The Marvell virtual web desktop platform with ZeroDesktop's cloud content management technology is ideal for education, small businesses and consumers who want to regain control of their scattered digital content that has become widely dispersed across local computers, social sites, portable storage devices and external storage services, and an easy way to manage everything from one secure repository...

Motorola Targets Chinese Market with new Android-based Cloud Desktop

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When you think of desktop computing, Motorola is probably one of the last brands that come to mind. Motorola is one of the kings of the Android smartphone and tablet world, right? While that’s true, it’s not stopping Google and Motorola from bringing out a new Android-powered desktop solution.

The new CloudBB is specifically targeted at the Chinese market and is described as a “home entertainment terminal”. As you can probably guess, this is a cloud computing device design to replace a PC...

Marvell and ZeroDesktop Team Up to Deliver Cost Effective Cloud Computing with New Virtual Web Desktop Platform

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Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL) and ZeroDesktop, a developer of next-generation personal cloud operating system solutions for public cloud and private cloud computing, today announced they are collaborating to deliver a cost-effective alternative to traditional PC-based computing. Demonstrations of the new virtual web desktop technology will be showcased at IBC 2012, Marvell booth #BM3, from September 7-11 in Amsterdam.

The new innovative platform is an instant virtual web desktop designed to provide a unique, productive and rich multimedia experience for multiple users through a single device. The ZeroDesktop Cloud OS infrastructure can provide access to thousands of users from a single server, eliminating the need for investment in multiple PCs and expensive PC maintenance and infrastructure. The solution is intended for education systems, small businesses and consumers who are seeking to regain control of scattered digital content that is increasingly dispersed across local computers, social sites, portable storage devices and external storage services...

Cloud Computing on Virtual Desktops

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The eventual goal of cloud computing is a virtual IT environment accessed through a universal virtual desktop. While VMware recently introduced a completely virtual data center, the more immediate IT configuration, especially for midsize businesses, is likely to continue to be a mixture of local storage, traditional company data centers, and cloud infrastructure.

Employees will be able to get access to their data from office PCs and mobile devices, but they will not have a uniform virtual desktop and universal access to all applications. The virtual desktop infrastructure still has some limitations...

Pano Logic Expands Desktop Computing Platforms to Support Terminal Services and Simplify Cloud Migration

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Pano Logic, a provider of zero client desktop virtualization and ‘Desktop in the Cloud’ computing, has announced Pano System for Cloud/Terminal Services 2.0, which links cloud-based computing with legacy terminal services resources, easing migration to the cloud.

By expanding its platform compatibility to include terminal services, Pano Logic now supports three major computing platforms, all using a zero endpoint that contains no processor, operating system, or moving parts. IT organizations can migrate their users to a common Pano Zero Client endpoint architecture and then deliver a range of end-user desktops through the cloud while still providing access to legacy Windows applications...