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vOneCloud 3.2 Released with Marketplace and Docker Integration

Grazed from OpenNebula Systems

OpenNebula Systems, the company behind the OpenNebula Project, announced the immediate availability of the 3.2 stable version of vOneCloud, the virtual appliance for vSphere that transforms an existing VMware vCenter deployment into an automated, self-service private cloud. vOneCloud is commercially supported by OpenNebula Systems.

This new release of the appliance, tailored to ease the provisioning of resources from vSphere based infrastructures, comes packed with exciting new features. vOneCloud 3.2, which is based on OpenNebula 5.6 ‘Blue Flash, brings a revamped import mechanism, improved driver performance, VNC options for Wild VMs, network creation reworked, VM migration between clusters, marketplace integration, Docker integration, and scheduled periodic actions.

Aerohive Delivers The Power and Simplicity of Cloud Networking to On-Premises Environments

Grazed from Aerohive Networks

Aerohive Networks announced the release of its new HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance, a full-featured, unified network management system with the most economical on-premises deployment model available in the market. Customers can now manage thousands of devices and experience the full power of Aerohive's cloud networking, deployed on their site, at a price that fits their budget. The cost of a typical customer deployment starts at $3,300 for the HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance and the underlying hardware and software platform.

HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance includes the same advanced features for monitoring, security, and access management as Aerohive's public cloud solution. This unified approach to public and private cloud networking strengthens Aerohive's position as the only solution that can seamlessly scale in size and capabilities, and across deployment models to accommodate evolving customer and partner mobility requirements.

The new HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance allows customers to deploy a complete on-premises Wi-Fi management platform for up to 2,000 access points and switches for a total cost of less than $5,000, including HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance, server, and server software. A smaller version for up to 500 devices is also available for a total cost of less than $3,300.

NetIQ Launches Virtual Appliance to Simplify Cloud Single Sign-on

Grazed from NetIQ.  Author: PR Announcement

NetIQ today announced CloudAccess 1.1, a single sign-on virtual appliance that enables IT teams to more quickly and easily manage the onslaught of cloud applications and services in a controlled, secure and automated manner. By delivering a consistent single sign-on experience to users, protecting corporate data and helping meet compliance demands, CloudAccess 1.1 facilitates additional business-enabling opportunities cloud services afford, without the management complexity and security risks associated with ad-hoc access controls.

Cloud-based applications and services contracted by business users usually circumvent existing IT access controls, making it difficult to ensure that the access users have is uniquely appropriate. Furthermore, the rate of adoption of cloud services continues to accelerate. According to industry analyst firm, Gartner, SaaS and cloud-based application services are expected to grow to $233.2 billion by 2016.


Array Networks Unveils New Secure Access Gateway Virtual Appliance for Cloud Service Providers and Virtualized Environments

Grazed from Array Networks.  Author: PR Announcement

Array Networks Inc., a global leader in application delivery networking solutions for mobility, security and performance, today announced the immediate availability of its new vxAG Virtual Secure Access Gateway virtual appliance for cloud and virtualized environments. Powered by Array’s award-winning 64-bit SpeedCore platform, the new product gives enterprises and service providers the ability to run Array’s proven AG Series secure access gateways as virtual machines on commodity servers running VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer or OpenXen hypervisors.

Cloud Computing: Nutanix raises $33M for a new type of scale out storage

Grazed from GigaOM. Author: Stacey Higginbotham.

Investors continue throwing money at infrastructure companies, especially if they have a product that helps accomodate and mitigate the complexities of virtualization and scaled out computing infrastructures. Nutanix aims to solve problems in both areas, and investors are rewarding it with $33 million.

Nutanix, a startup building an appliance to virtualize storage networks, has closed a $33 million Series C round of funding, which brings its total cash raised to $71.6 million. The latest round, which brought in new investors Battery Ventures and Goldman Sachs, also included existing backers Lightspeed Venture Partners, Blumberg Capital and Khosla Ventures...

OpenNebula Unveils Its New Virtual Appliance Marketplace

Grazed from OpenNebula. Author: PR Announcement.

The OpenNebula Project is proud to announce the public availability of the OpenNebula Marketplace, an online catalog where individuals and organizations can quickly distribute and deploy virtual appliances ready-to-run on OpenNebula clouds. The new Marketplace is fully integrated with the new OpenNebula 3.6 so any user of an OpenNebula cloud can find and deploy virtual appliances in a single click. The OpenNebula marketplace is also of interest to software developer looking to quickly distribute a new appliance, making it available to all OpenNebula deployments worldwide.

The OpenNebula Marketplace is available at no charge to all OpenNebula users and appliance developers. The Marketplace is not an online store but a service to bring together cloud users interested in pre-built software solutions and software developers and vendors interested in distributing and promoting their applications and services. The Marketplace contains community appliances built with open-source components and commercial appliances that provide evaluation versions of commercial software. It also includes appliances only available for C12G Labs subscribers.

Coyote Point Systems Launches Equalizer OnDemand Virtual Appliance for Cloud Computing

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

Coyote Point Systems, a leading provider of enterprise-class application delivery and acceleration solutions, today announced the general availability of Equalizer OnDemand(TM), a robust Application Delivery Controller based on Coyote Point's new EQ/OS 10(TM) architecture that runs as a VMware virtual appliance. Equalizer ADCs can now be deployed as hardware or software to provide content routing, load balancing and application acceleration to optimize application performance.

Originally available only to Hosting and Managed Service Providers, Coyote Point's Equalizer OnDemand virtual appliance is now available to all businesses looking to reap the benefits of cloud computing and server virtualization. Based on Coyote Point's new EQ/OS 10(TM) architecture, Equalizer OnDemand is a full-featured, virtual Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that provides users with flexible deployment options and capabilities that reduce datacenter and cloud computing costs without sacrificing performance. Coyote Point's virtual Equalizer OnDemand brings the same proven, robust application traffic management capabilities found in their hardware appliances to customers who want to leverage virtualization technologies within their data centers...

CloudZoom Launches Free Virtual Appliance Library

Grazed from CloudZoom.  Author: PR Announcement.

CloudZoom, Inc. announces the official release of it's website today. The New Hampshire based startup has a vision of the future, and the future contains simple, fast, and convenient virtual appliance services. A multiyear plan for rolling out products and services is in the works.

With virtualization taking hold, businesses are beginning to realize the benefit of obtaining pre-configured or “ready to deploy” applications packaged for cloud infrastructures. These packages are known as virtual appliances, virtual applications, or cloud applications. Each virtual appliance consists of an operating system and applications installed, secured, patched, and even maintained.

"In today's virtual appliance market, there are silos of unique, vendor specific catalogs. The advantage of using the Cloudzoom library is its unbiased approach of listing any virtual appliance, no matter the vendor, and making it easy to find," said the CloudZoom founders.