On-Demand: Hyperconvergence 101 - Getting Started with #Hyperconvergence


While hyperconvergence aims to make the datacenter more efficient, hyperconvergence can also be confusing at times, due to the numerous forms of HCI, the different approaches, and the varying levels of efficiency that can be gained.

In this educational event, DataCore will cover what hyperconvergence really is, how it works from install to administration, and how it can help your company.

Hear from hyperconvergence expert Steve Hunt of DataCore and moderator and vExpert, David Davis to get all your HCI questions answered!

Watch this on-demand webinar at your own pace, on your own time.


Bitdefender Talks Black Hat 2018, Mid-Year Threat Landscape, Cybersecurity Developments and Trends, and More

In this video interview, VMblog speaks with Bogdan Botezatu, senior e-threat analyst at Bitdefender

During the discussion, Bogdan does a great job of setting the stage explaining what Bitdefender has planned for the upcoming Black Hat 2018 event.  He also talks about the mid-year threat landscape, developments and trends, and takes a look back at his security predictions made in 2017 to see which came true.  Watch and find out what we can expect to see in the remainder of the year when it comes to cybersecurity and what Bitdefender Labs data is pointing to; and find out how your organization can better protect itself.

Watch the video:


Bitdefender Talks Endpoint Security with VMblog Ahead of the RSA Conference #RSAC

"UJ" Desai, group product manager at Bitdefender speaks ahead of the upcoming 2018 RSA Conference.  Bitdefender's technology is sophisticated and advanced, and its layered endpoint security is designed for cloud and virtualization.

In this video interview, UJ talks about Bitdefender's latest endpoint security release and describes the type of organizations that will benefit from the company's GravityZone Ultra solution.  Want to know how Bitdefender differentiates themselves from other solutions in a crowded endpoint security market?  Watch and find out. 

You'll also want to hear UJ's top three security best practices that he recommends organizations follow to get the most value out of their endpoint security solutions.  Don't miss!

Additional Resources:

Visit the Gartner-Bitdefender portal to learn how to build a future-proof, secure datacenter.

Download a report to see the results of the latest AV-Comparatives Advanced Endpoint Protection Test.

Rackspace, Microsoft and Guest Forrester Research Discuss All Things Cloud Computing in New Video Series: Solving for the Cloud

Grazed from Rackspace, Microsoft

Although it's become apparent that cloud is here to stay, businesses, and particularly enterprises, still have many unanswered questions when it comes to the cloud.

Rackspace helps its customers navigate tough questions by offering access to its deep pool of experts. In that vein, and in an effort to tackle some of the larger questions that remain about the cloud, Rackspace invited Microsoft and a moderator from Forrester Research to take part in its inaugural edition of "Solving for the Cloud," an ongoing video series in which Rackspace experts sit down with industry experts to share their thoughts on all things cloud computing.

Cloud Computing: Google Launches Click-to-Deploy Video Streaming With Wowza

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Jaikumar Vijayan.

The full suite of Wowza Media Systems’ Streaming Engine functionality is now available to Google Compute Engine users. Google is aiming to make it easier for organizations to stream high quality, on demand video and audio content to users around the world using its cloud-computing platform.

The company on Wednesday announced the availability of Wowza Media Systems’ Streaming Engine software as a click-to-deploy option on Google Cloud Platform. All of Wowza’s functionality, including its technology for transcoding video to different formats to accommodate a variety of end user devices, is now available to Google Cloud Platform customers...

Video Demo: DataDog - See your Servers, Clouds, Metrics and Apps in one place

Grazed from Datadog. 

Datadog unifies the data from servers, databases, applications, tools and services to present a unified view of the infrastructure.  These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based monitoring and data analytics platform that enables multiple teams working collaboratively on the infrastructure to avoid downtime, resolve performance problems and ensure that development and deployment cycles finish on time.

See it in action in this 2 minute video tour.


CloudBolt: Controlled IT Self Service Product Overview

Grazed from CloudBolt Software.

CloudBolt Command and Control (C2) Makes it Easy to Manage & Provision Virtual Environments as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). 

C2 integrates with leading virtualization management and popular configuration management tools, making IT organizations more agile, while delivering on the promise of a fully commoditized IT environment.  And it enables enterprise IT organizations to achieve a wide range of business benefits, such as:

Into the Cloud: Exploring the Next Generation of Video Services

Grazed from StreamingMedia. Author: Claudia Kienzle.

The media marketplace is changing rapidly, with many content creators streaming media to a growing spectrum of online, social media, and mobile outlets. There’s a wide variance in video quality, file sizes, and compression codecs; the sheer volume of media assets are simply exploding, leaving media professionals struggling to maintain a competitive edge. As these pressures collide with other technology trends -- such as widespread internet connectivity, ever-increasing bandwidth, and powerful data centers -- the thunderclap has given way to the cooling rains of video cloud computing services.

By moving their video workload to the cloud, media entrepreneurs can hit the ground running and pay as they go for processing-intensive services such as encoding, transcoding, asset management, and storage. End users might pay per transaction, monthly subscription, or an annual fee. With a solid internet connection and web browser, the workplace can be the nearest cafe or virtually anywhere in the world with colleagues collaborating via the cloud...

Mad Cow Friday: Microsoft Tad - Tad on Cloud Economics

Grazed from YouTube.  Author: Microsoft

Some IT providers are talking cloud, but still living in a virt-based world. See why Microsoft offers a private cloud solution that is built for the future and ready now.

Mad Cow Friday: Microsoft Tad - The hidden bummers of going too far beyond virtualization

Grazed from YouTube.  Author: Microsoft

Some IT providers are talking cloud, but still living in a virt-based world. See why Microsoft offers a private cloud solution that is built for the future and ready now.